Live it Up with High Definition Entertainment

    Fuss-free High Definition Entertainment. That is what the ASUS F83T provides you with anytime, anywhere. Powered by the AMD Congo platform and armed with dedicated ATI® graphics for serious multi-tasking, multimedia and gaming grunt, the ASUS F83T is shrouded in avant-garde ‘satin-brushed aluminum’ exterior via IMR technology for a futuristic look that is hard to resist.

      True-to-life High Definition Entertainment and Multitasking Performance

      The ASUS F83T provides users with stunning vibrancy and crisp visual splendor via a 14-inch high definition color-shine display, powered by a dedicated ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD4570 graphics card with 512MB VRAM. It also features the AMD® Congo platform, which provides balanced performance across a myriad of applications. Its low profile design makes it highly energy efficient, as well as helping it maintain cool operations throughout the day.

      Undeniably Stylish, with Durability Unmatched

      The multimedia prowess of the ASUS F83T is only matched by its exterior design. Sporting a metallic satin-brushed aluminum lid developed via IMR technology, the ASUS F83T provides a minimalistic charm wherever it goes. Its exterior design also provides a highly durable shell that fends against day to day bump and abrasions, so that it looks just as good as the day it was made.

      Designed to keep Spills at Bay

      Ever so often an accidental liquid spill onto the keyboard usually spells disaster for any notebook. To counter this problem, the ASUS F83T features a spill-proof keyboard which prevents spillage from entering the innards of the system, preventing any damage to the critical components inside.