R2Hv Ultra-Mobile PC for the New Mobile Computing Era

    7-inch LCD touch screen with handwritten input support and solid security protection – The R2Hv offers full PC functions and more!
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      Dependable Partner on the Go

      ASUS R2Hv Series offer a smart balance of mobility and performance with comprehensive security feature that protects with both software as well as hardware solutions, providing a secure and convenient computing experience for users.

      Solid Security Management for Protected Computing
      To give business travelers peace of mind, the R2Hv offers total data protection that meets the evolving security needs with both software and hardware solutions.

      The protected computing starts with fingerprint authentication that grants strict access only to the designated owner. For the most accurate reading, the electronic imaging mechanism scans fingerprint pattern from the live layer of the skin , bypassing any common skin surface conditions.

      The exclusive ASUS Security Protect Management (ASPM) guards access to the device and network. Users can choose to setup multi-factor authentication requirements for different security levels while enjoying the Single Sign On (SSO) one-time login convenience without compromising security integrity.

      RF Biometric Fingerprint Reader
      ASUS R2Hv Series adopts the unique semiconductor based RF biometric fingerprint scanner. The R2Hv electronic imaging mechanism reads the fingerprint pattern from the live layer of skin that lies just beneath the skin's dry outer surface layer. Therefore, the sensor is less affected by common skin surface conditions, including dry, worn, calloused, dirty or oily skin, that can impair the ability of other sensors to acquire accurate fingerprint images

      Freedom to navigator with confidence just by finger touch >
      ASUS R2Hv is the First NB with 7” wide screen GPS solution. Satellite GPS provides a comprehensive travel guide that the users no longer need to deal with paper maps or ask for directions! The incorporated GPS antenna with a foldable mechanism allows convenient storage when not in use. Ultimately, the R2Hv empowers users to go anywhere, do anything!

      Do More with a Smaller and Lighter Design
      The feature-rich R2Hv is packed with computing, multimedia and connectivity functions. Built-in
      Bluetooth 2.0 EDR ( Enhanced Data Rate), WLAN 802.11 a/b/g and high-resolution webcam offer extensive high-speed connection and wire-free video communication.

      Intuitive Usage Experience
      The R2Hv runs on Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition with Touch Pack software and ergonomic hardware interface designs. With complete function keys laid out on both sides of the front panel, users enjoy comfortable operation to a full set of control keys, including mouse, scroll buttons, hot keys as well as on-screen keypad, all at the finger tips.

      ASUS Mobile Theater 4.0- Special UI for R2Hv
      It is the complete multimedia entertainment software for your digital life-style. With its simple and user friendly interface, Mobile Theater lets you enjoy photos, music, movies, and TV without the hassle of switching between programs. Mobile Theater's remote control (optional) support makes digital entertainment more convenient and fun than ever! *Features available may vary in each region.

      Now R2Hv preinstall Mobile Theater 4.0 with Unique and suitable UI designed for finger navigation Mobile Theater will auto run when log-in windows, providing instant/quick gateway for 10 popular usage modes. Simplify the user interface and get it down by only finger touch

      Handwritten Input with ASUS InfoPen
      Increase productivity and efficiency with handwritten input capability! Together with ASUS InfoPen software, users can record and edit images or documents as easy as on a piece of paper with color and highlighter options. The DigiPen stylus also has an eraser end and mouse control buttons so that users can now navigate a wide range of applications with single-handed ease!

      Easier and Safer Digital Data Transmission
      Secure digital media slot will continue to be integrated into new R2 notebook PC. It gives users the immediate benefit of easy file sharing with different devices and users, while opening the door for future technologies like secure digital I/O. Secure digital helps ASUS products work better together

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