Designed for moving

    • Elegant fusion of power, style, and enhanced portability
    • Compact and light 15” notebooks at under an inch thick and just 2.5Kg
    • All-day computing with over ten hours of battery life
    • Better multitasking and multimedia with 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i5 processors
      Uncompromising power with the most advanced CPU and GPU technology

      U Series Mobility and style by design

      Mobility and style by design

      The U56 has been crafted for easy mobility that maintains aesthetic sophistication. Brushed hairline aluminum textures on cover surfaces join a seamless one-piece keyboard, contributing to the strong and durable build. Even the hinges show careful consideration, moved forward for wider opening angles and better usability, highly desired in confined spaces when commuting or traveling. To improve input, the touchpad applies a soft-touch treatment, and the entire notebook gives off a trim and neat feel with its thin profile. Lake Blue and Champagne Silver color schemes currently available.

      Smart power

      Implementing the latest Intel® mobile platform and up to Intel® Core™ i7 2640M processors, the U56 excels at speedy multitasking. It also utilizes Intel® HD3000 graphics for better multimedia, making it ideal for work and entertainment in every application and situation. Intel® Turbo Boost 2.0 technology further unlocks instant performance gains for better response in high-demand tasks, delivering smooth and gratifying computing.

      Getting more done with longer battery life

      Getting more done with longer battery life

      The 8-cell 3000mAh battery keeps working up to ten hours, affording true all-day computing. Freedom from hassle-some recharging lets professionals and students stay productive without stopping or risking data loss, making life a lot easier and more convenient for those who work or study on the move.

      Added features for a holistic user focus

      USB 3.0

      A full range of technologies support the most dynamic and mobile lifestyles, bringing the reliability of advanced computing to transumers worldwide. Intel® WiDi content streaming complements rapid ASUS USB Charger+ mobile device recharging, and superfast USB 3.0 has files moving at up to ten times USB 2.0 rates. Whether for business or pleasure, these turn diverse locations like coffeeshops, classrooms, and airline seats into versatile productivity and enjoyment portals.

      U56 under an inch thick