Guard your graphics cards with ASUS VGA Holder for any tower case.

    • Pneumatic bracket supports for up to three heavy graphics cards
    • Compatible with any tower case size, from mini to full height
    • Flexible installation, with adjustable length between 347.5mm to 601mm

      Guard Your Graphics Cards

      ASUS VGA Holder is an innovative pneumatic bracket that provides strong physical supports for up to three heavy graphics cards, preventing slot damage and graphics cards bending.

      Perfect Protection for any Case Size

      ASUS VGA Holder accommodates graphics cards with lengths ranging from 347.5mm to 601mm.

      Compatible with any case size from mini tower to full tower rigs, ASUS VGA Holder is the perfect protection for your graphics cards.

      ASUS VGA Holder Installation Guide

      1Push the cap down then twist it anti-clockwise to unlock ASUS VGA Holder, and allow the pneumatics to extend the bracket to its full height.

      2Adjust the VGA Holder bracket to match the height of your PC's case.

      3Finally, secure the VGA Holder in the correct position, preventing graphics cards from bending.

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