Assemble the Best, Break all Limits

    • Intel® Core™ i7 Processors for LGA 2011 socket
    • Intel® X79 Express Chipset
    • OC Panel - Overclocking Command Center
    • Extreme Engine Digi+ III - Hardcore power delivery with premium components
    • SupremeFX Black - Amazing 120dB signal-to-noise ratio with integrated 600ohm-headphone amplifier
    • Subzero Sense - Find out how cold your board is
    • VGA Hotwire - Hotwire your system
    • GameFirst II + Intel LAN - Put Your Frags First
    • Sonic Radar - Scan and detect to dominate
    • RAMDisk - Double up on speed with RAM
    • 4-Way NIVDIA® SLI™ / AMD CrossFireX™ Support
    • Wi-Fi 802.11ac/Bluetooth 4.0
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      • Extreme Engine Digi+ III

        60A Chokes
        90% efficiency NexFET MOSFETs
        10K Black Metallic capacitors

      • Intel® LGA 2011

      • OC Zone

        Onboard buttons
        PCIe x16 switch
        LN2 mode
        Slow mode

      • 8 x USB 3.0
        (2@board; 6@rear)
        10 x USB 2.0
        (6@board; 4@rear)

      • 4 x SATA 3Gb/s
        6 x SATA 6Gb/s

      • Intel® X79 Chipset

      • -ROG EXT connector

      • Supports 4-way SLI/CFX

      • SupremeFX Black

        -Cirrus® Logic CS4398 DAC
        -WIMA® film capacitors
        -TPA6120A2 Hi-Fi headphone amp
        -Differential design with OPAMPs
        -SupremeFX Shielding technology
        -SupremeFX EMI protection cover
        -ELNA® premium audio caps
        -Sonic Radar and DTS Connect
        -NEC TOKIN UC2 audio relay

      • WI-FI GO! 802.11ac

        -Dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11ac
        -Bluetooth V4.0

        -ROG Connect
        -Ai Charger+
        -USB BIOS Flashback

      • DDR3 2800MHz+ (O.C.)

        8 DIMM, quad-channel

      Assemble the best,
      break all limits

      Rampage IV Black Edition is an X79 E-ATX gaming motherboard that's been designed to unleash the full power of Intel® LGA 2011 Core™ i7 (Ivy Bridge-E) processors — and then some!

      Eight DIMM sockets support DDR3 2800MHz+ (overclocked) and Intel® XMP 1.3, while our intuitive RAMDisk utility lets you set up a super-fast cache to seriously speed up game loads. The generously-spaced PCI Express layout supports up to 4-way NVIDIA® SLI™ and AMD CrossFireX™, while the maxed-out heat-sink extends to the input/output (I/O) cover for even better cooling and stability.

      ROG's world-class research and development team worked with meticulous detail to perfect the layout for greater performance and incredible stability, subjecting Rampage IV Black Edition to an exacting validation processes to ensure compatibility with an extremely wide range of components.

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      Extreme overclocking,
      even easier to use

      ROG's engineers have packed in tons of tools and features to help boost your system, quickly and easily.

      Rampage IV Black Edition includes OC Panel — a real-time system-monitoring and tuning console that's great for gamers and a huge advantage for overclockers. A reinvented UEFI BIOS that has tons of extra settings and lets you apply overclocking profiles designed by ROG's expert OC team for full control of your system – all presented with a gorgeous black theme! It even includes SSD Secure Erase to restore drives to factory-fresh condition, so you can get the best possible performance with no hassle.

      Rampage IV Black Edition is also our most stable gaming motherboard yet, thanks to the Extreme Engine DIGI+ III voltage-regulator module (VRM).

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      Built to game,
      be a champion

      ROG provides the very best gaming experience — and that means pure audio, fast, lag-free connectivity and loads of those little extras that make you love ROG.

      Rampage IV Black Edition is fitted with SupremeFX Black for crystal-clear gaming audio that's as great as a dedicated sound card, and combines superior Intel® Gigabit Ethernet with exclusive ROG GameFirst II technology to intelligently lower pings and prioritize bandwidth. With Rampage IV Black Edition, online gaming is as smooth as silk.

      Then, those little extras. Sonic Radar displays the precise direction and origin of in-game sounds to provide a leg-up for fans of first-person shooters, helping you to hone your enemy-pinpointing skills. And, because you'll want to sample the best of Rampage IV Black Edition right away, we give you a free game. But not just any game — buy Rampage IV Black Edition and get the incredible Assassin's Creed® IV: Black Flag™ free!

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      Make your memory go faster

      Optimized for extreme overclocking!

      Rampage IV Black Edition's memory design teases the very best performance from high-end memory, overclocking a G.Skill quad-channel DDR3 memory kit to 4,072MHz — awesome power that can be all yours!

      Support DDR3 2800+ MHz(OC) Support DDR3 2800+ MHz(OC) IntelR LGA 2011

      ROG RAMDisk

      Game loads 20-times faster than SSD!

      Turn system memory into temporary storage that runs over 20 times faster than typical solid-state drives! Put large files, such as game maps, into RAMDisk and watch loading times fly — you'll never again wait to play!

      System memory
      Save apps and cache files to reduce write activity

      4-Way SLI™/CrossFireX™ support

      Perfect spacing and PCIe 3.0 speed for incredible graphics!

      Unleash full power of multiple graphics cards for visuals that never stutter, with just the right amount of space between multiple graphics cards. Onboard switches let you selectively enable or disable cards in a flash — configuring multi-GPU setups has never been easier!

      Multiple graphics cards configuration

      Ground-breaking heat-sink design

      High-efficiency cooling!

      ROG's engineers have reinvented the heat-sink, fitting Rampage IV Black Edition with a burly metal conductor covering the critical MOSEFT and voltage-regulation module (VRM) areas and extending to the input/output (I/O) cover — dissipating heat with incredible efficiency, direct to the outside world.

      OC Panel

      Intuitive overclocking command center!

      Get your hands on real-time system monitoring and tweaking in two modes. For both, its clear 2.6-inch display keeps you informed and in full control — so you can maximize the available power!

      Normal Mode –
      easy system monitoring and performance boosts!

      OC Panel can be installed directly into a 5.25-inch drive bay to provide real-time monitoring of multiple vital parameters, including CPU temperature, ratios, base clock and fan speeds. The CPU Level Up button provides instant control over two-stage overclocking, while CPU fan speeds can be adjusted to Turbo, Standard and Silent modes — super-simple controls, all at your fingertips.

      Extreme Mode — advanced overclocking made easy!

      OC Panel can also be used as external overclocking console. In this mode, there are connectors and switches for exclusive ROG features including Subzero Sense, VGA SMB, VGA Hotwire, Slow Mode and Pause. You also have direct access to four-pin fans connectors – four in total! — as well as remote power and reset buttons.

      Easy setup – Works in just a few steps


      Award-winning UEFI BIOS

      Easy controls and an awesome black theme!

      Rampage IV Black Edition's reinvented UEFI BIOS has been upgraded to deliver faster setup and easier controls for even more extreme overclocking experiences.

      Manage multiple fan scenarios, apply Intel® Extreme Memory Profiles (XMP) and configure easy access to your favorite features, using the F4 My Favorites and Shortcuts features. Quick Note lets you take notes, Last Modified records recent changes and you can even name SATA ports. You can also overclock like the experts, using overclocking profiles configured by ROG engineers. The ROG logo even pulses to represent the Rampage IV Black Edition's beating heart!

      EZ Mode
      EZ Mode Screenshot
      Advanced Mode
      Advanced Mode Screenshot

      SSD Secure Erase

      Factory-fresh performance in a flash!

      Solid-state drive (SSD) performance degrades with time, so Rampage IV Black Edition's SSD Secure Erase feature restores your SSDs to factory-fresh condition – for top performance in a flash. It's also easy to use and has the best compatibility!

      Extreme Engine Digi+ III

      Premium components for hardcore power delivery!

      Rampage IV Black Edition incorporates Extreme Engine DIGI+ III for precise and stable digital power for the processor and memory. NexFET MOSFETs deliver up to 90% efficiency in normal operation; they're also more durable and half the size of standard MOSFETs. 60A chokes serve up power with minimal loss and at very low temperatures. Our chosen chokes are rated at up to 60 amps — twice as much as generic alternatives! Similarly, Japanese-made 10K black metallic capacitors last five times longer and deliver 20%-greater endurance at extreme temperatures than their generic counterparts – meaning Rampage IV Black Edition stands up to the hardest of hardcore demands.

      World-beating performance

      Multiple records already broken!

      Rampage IV Black Edition is brand new — and already a world record breaker! It currently holds world-beating scores in 3DMark11 Entry (E39244), 3DMark11 Performance (P41531), 3DMark11 Extreme (X22531), 3DMark Fire Strike (34246) and 3DMark Vantage (P96500). Rampage IV Black Edition also holds many other world records on X79 platform, overclocking an i7-4820k processor to 6943MHz and G.Skill quad-channel DDR3 kit to 4072MHz. It has also generated the highest base clock (BCLK) yet for the X79 platform — an astonishing 197.16MHz — as well as pushing Intel Extreme Utility all the way to 1924 marks! Simply, Rampage IV Black Edition is the best motherboard to unleash the full power of Ivy Bridge-E processors, graphics cards and the fastest memory.

      SupremeFX Black

      Audio that's as great as a dedicated sound card!

      With SupremeFX Black, Rampage IV Black Edition delivers sound quality that's on a par with high-end dedicated sound cards. Premium components such as ELNA® audio capacitors and German-made WIMA® film capacitors deliver impeccable performance, while high-fidelity op-amps (operational amplifiers) and a Cirrus Logic® CS4398 DAC (digital/analog converter) deliver lossless audio and a brilliant 120dB SNR (signal-to-noise ratio). A Hi-Fi-quality Texas Instruments® TPA6120A2 600ohm headphone amplifier boosts every sound detail with personal listening, too. Exclusive EMI (electromagnetic interference) isolation technology and a newly-upgraded NEC/TOKIN UC2 audio relay that protects electrical circuits from overload and reduces ‘pops' enable Rampage IV Black Edition to deliver warm, clear and natural audio. Simply, if you think that integrated audio can't be great, it's time to listen again.

      Intel® Gigabit Ethernet with GameFirst II

      Less lag for more wins!

      The very latest Intel® Gigabit Ethernet both lowers demands on the processor and improves connection stability — a double win for online gaming. Adding more lag-reducing support is ROG's GameFirst II with cFosSpeed traffic-shaping technology. Revamped to display an even more intuitive user interface, GameFirst II exclusive's EZ Mode open allows beginners to lower lag with no expert knowledge; while Advanced Mode allows hardcore tweakers to take full control. Either way, Rampage IV Black Edition offers latency that's up to eight times lower than standard Ethernet, even when handling heavy network traffic — so your games and victories come first!

      EZ Mode
      EZ Mode Screenshot
      Advanced Mode
      Advanced Mode Screenshot

      Sonic Radar

      Keeps your ear to the ground!

      You'll also benefit from ROG's exclusive Sonic Radar technology, a stealthy overlay that shows what opponents and teammates are up to. With a display that shows the precise direction and origin of in-game sounds such as gunshots, footsteps and call-outs, allowing you to practice your enemy-pinpointing skills. Sonic Radar can be configured using presets based on popular first-person shooters (FPS) and even includes hotkey controls that let you to switch focus for specific sounds!

      Six Sound Detection
      Configuration of Sonic Radar

      Assassin's Creed® IV: Black Flag™

      Get the latest hit game, free!

      Assassin's Creed® IV: Black Flag™ is the newest installment of the stealthy adventure title and its release has been awaited eagerly by gamers worldwide. ASUS ROG is Ubisoft's exclusive hardware brand partner for the launch - and that means you get a FREE copy of the game with your Rampage IV Black Edition motherboard!

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