GX-D1081 V3

    GX-D1081 V3

    8-Port 10/100/1000Mbps Desktop Switch with Green Network

    • Easy Setup: No software needed for configuration-which makes installations easier and faster.
    • Top Priority VIP port: Built-in VIP Ports facilitate lag-free VoIP transmissions by prioritizing voice data traffic.
    • Green Network (802.3az EEE): Embedded energy conservation through link down standby mode, save up to 70% power consumption.
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      New energy saver Ethernet switch

      The new GX-D1081 V3 Switch embedded 802.3az energy efficient ethernet allows the user to conserve energy and still enjoys a lag free network. There is also with one VIP port, top priority port that contains the highest priority queue occupancy that ensures 70% data is transferred to there first. Asus SOHO Gigabit switch, is the best solution for high-Speed, Power-Reducing, benefiting Home/SOHO networking.

      Green Network Technology saves up to 70% power comsumption

      If the PC that connects to the ASUS GX-D1081 V3's LAN port is turned off, the switch will automatically put the specific port into standby mode, thus, achieving power savings up to 70%.

      VIP Port, High Priority outgoing packets are sent without delay

      When an insufficient bandwidth causes a queue for outgoing traffic, the ASUS GX-D1081 V3's built-in VIP LAN port ensures that high priority packets, such as a VoIP's RTP & Gaming stream, are sent without delay.

      Unmanaged Switch Home/SOHO Solution