Directional High-Gain Antenna with Dual-Band Support

    The WL-ANT168 Directional High Gain Antenna provides stronger signals for those hard-to-reach areas.

      The WL-ANT168 directional high-gain antenna provides stronger signals for those hard-to-reach areas.

      Coverage Range Extension
      The antenna is ideal for building corporate wireless infrastructures by driving stronger signals to distant corners and hard-to-reach areas.

      4 Flexible installation options:

      • Desktop or a flat surface, magnetic attached, wall-mounting and attach on Ceiling-mounting.
      • Easy-adjustible mechanical device design which can fit your environmental conditions.

      Easy to Install (No driver required)
      Simply unplug your current antenna and replace it with the WL-ANT168.

      Supports RP-SMA and/or RP-TNC interfaces (connector included )
      A RP-SMA to RP-TNC connector adapter is included for compatibility with wireless devices made by other companies.

      Compact Size
      Compact in size, the WL-ANT168 is highly portable and a perfect antenna solution for different wireless environments.

      *Works with: WL-300g (Optional connection adapter for RP-SMA), WL-500 series, WL-530G, WL-600G, WL-HDD 2.5, WL-520G, WL-520GU, WL-700G, RT-N10, WL-130G, WL-138G, PCI-G31, PCE-N13, DSL-G31

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