FlexSlim Drive

    FlexSlim Drive

    Extra thin yet super secure – and fully cloud-ready!

    • Most slender external drive available at just 7mm, yet built tough and durable
    • Easy backups and file management with the FlexSave drag and drop interface
    • USB 3.0 for up to ten times the speed of USB 2.0
    • 18 months of free ASUS WebStorage cloud space!
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      Extra thin yet super secure – and fully cloud-ready!

      Move faster and lighter thanks to cloud-friendly external storage that’s only 7mm thin while ensuring data stays secure with solid build quality. Data speeds accelerate via USB 3.0, plus you get 18 months of ASUS WebStorage cloud space free with your purchase. A great complement to cloud computing, the drive comes bundled with the friendly FlexSave custom interface that allows effortless drag and drop data management and backups. Several bright colors are available, with sleek materials used for an attractive look. If you want easy backup and upload to the cloud, this is the storage fix for you.


      Easy file management – FlexSave+ interface

      Secure your valuable data with ease through FlexSave+. Uploading to ASUS WebStorage is drag and drop simple, providing effortless file management and backups for everything on your external hard drive. FlexSave+ uses an intuitive interface that anyone can use and make the most of when managing files, photos, videos, music and more. It even comes with a quick-glance storage availability indicator and scheduled backups to keep data safer than ever. If you need more room and want to stay fully in sync with the cloud, this is the storage fix for you - it's a complete package.

      USB 3.0

      Unleash True USB 3.0 Performance

      New SuperSpeed USB 3.0 works up to ten times faster than USB 2.0 and over 50% quicker than eSATA, making it a perfect match for your HD content and important files, as data transfers are speedier than ever and you can get more done quicker. USB 3.0 eliminates long waits while content moves among devices. It’s also more reliable than any previous data standard, and features more powerful, faster charging of connected devices. USB 3.0 is included on quality accessories from ASUS.

      Simple but sweet

      Simple but sweet : Buy an ASUS hard drive and get cloud storage FREE!

      What is ASUS WebStorage? ASUS WebStorage is a cloud storage service that helps you backup data, sync files between devices, and share with other people. Wherever internet service is available, you can get data from WebStorage to your desktops, notebooks, smartphones, and tablets. Just upload files to sync from your computer with drag and drop ease, making sure you always have the latest version of any file on all devices and enjoy hassle-free data mobility.