MyPal A639

    MyPal A639

    1GB Built-in Storage for Maps and Contents

    - With the 1GB memory capacity built in
    - Large built-in 1GB Flash and SD expansion
    - Wireless freedom - GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in 1 Device
    - Swivel GPS Patch Antenna
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      ASUS MyPal A639 Incorporates GPS, Bluetooth 2.0 and 802.11b+g for Total Wireless Freedom

      With the 1GB memory capacity built in

      The MyPal A639 GPS PDA provides ample space for GPS maps and digital multimedia contents. The all-new handheld device also incorporated advanced wireless connectivity, including GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v2.0, to provide total wireless freedom.

      Large built-in 1GB Flash and miniSD expansion

      With 1GB built-in storage capacity and SD card reader, the MyPal A639 offers ample storage capacity for GPS maps of various cities, videos, MP3 music, photos and more. For those who are always on the go, the MyPal A639 is perfect for bringing along large, complex files.

      Wireless freedom – GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in 1 Device

      The MyPal A639 is ideal for navigation during road trips, wireless networking and convenient data transfers without wire constraints.

      GPS - With GPS navigation technology, large storage capacity for maps and swivel patch antenna to ensure quality satellite signal reception, the MyPal A639 is an excellent road companion.

      WLAN 802.11b+g - The MyPal A639 supports 802.11b+g standards, enabling high-speed wireless networking for easy Internet access and file sharing with other devices within the WLAN.

      Bluetooth v2.0 - Supporting Bluetooth v2.0 wireless technology, the MyPal A639 offers fast and convenient point-to-point wireless data transfers with Bleutooth devices such as notebooks, handsets and PCs without interference with Wi-Fi operation

      Swivel GPS Patch Antenna

      Since different travelers and drivers have different viewing habits, the swivel design allows the antenna to always remain parallel to the sky whether in portrait or landscape viewing modes for best signal quality. The patch antenna offers larger surface area compared with conventional designs for excellent reception as well.