ASUS ZenFone Zoom Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector (ZX551ML)

    ASUS ZenFone Zoom Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector (ZX551ML)

    Protecting your eyes from harmful blue light

    • Reduces harmful blue light levels by 20% to protect your eyes.
    • Premium materials prevent UV, scratches and fingerprint smudges.
    • Reusable self-adhesive back makes it easy to apply and adjust to prevent air bubbles.
    • Designed to give you bright and crisp visuals.
    • Perfectly tailored to protect and extend the life of your mobile device display.
    • DIY instructions sticker for easy installation.

      The ASUS Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector is ideal for those who spend considerable amounts of time on their devices. This screen protector with high UV protection effectively reduces harmful blue light levels by up to 20%, without compromising display clarity and brightness. It consists of five layers of premium materials and guards your mobile device against 2H scratches and fingerprint smudges. The DIY instructions sticker makes it easy to apply, and its reusable adhesive means you can reposition it if you make a mistake.


      Smooth Scrolling


      Auto bubble-free