PadFone mini Bumper Case

    PadFone mini Bumper Case

    Perfect protection and easy fit

    • Fashionable & Durable - Extra protection for your phone*
    • It wraps around your PadFone mini, using strong materials that feel very nice to the touch. At the same time, the Bumper Case keeps the gorgeous screen free, and has camera and connector openings.
      PadFone mini Bumper Case
      Slide your PadFone mini into a chic case that offers great protection against bumps and knocks.

      Create your own style with plentiful picks

      The innovative PadFone mini deserves the best protection – the stylish and specially designed accessories protect your device so that it always feels new. A large selection of protective covers are available in a range of colors for the perfect combination of style and durability.

      Bumper Case – Perfectly tailored with openings for all ports and connectors

      1. Head phone Port
      2. Power Key
      3. Volume Key
      4. Speaker
      5. Micro-USB Port
      Bumper case feature
      * Remove the Bumper Case to slide the phone in the tablet