ASUS Fonepad Note 6 (ME560CG)

    ASUS Fonepad Note 6 (ME560CG)

    6-inch FHD tablet with 3G Phone and Stylus

    • Pin-sharp 1920x1080 full HD Super IPS+ display, 380 nits
    • Intuitive creations with stylus & ASUS exclusive note apps
    • Pocket-sized 6-inch tablet with 3G phone
    • Intel Inside® with battery life lasts up to 17 hours on 3G talking and 7 hours on 720P video playback
    • Dual front speakers with SonicMaster Technology for superior sound effect
    • 8MP rear camera & 1.2 MP front camera to capture life moments
      Product Image
      • ASUS fonepadNote 6

        Meet the innovative new ASUS Fonepad Note 6

        With a 6-inch, 1080 × 1920 Full HD display and 3G phone functionality, ASUS Fonepad Note 6 delivers a whole new mobile experience and will change the way you stay connected.

      • Stunning Design for the Modern World

        The ASUS Fonepad Note 6 is one of the most beautiful products to date. Our challenge was in creating a comfortable and stylish experience for our users with full HD display. The result is a fusion of master engineering with elegant angles.

      • Design

        6-inch Expert Engineering for Every Pocket

        With its beautiful streamlined shape and easy-to-hold design, the 6- inch ASUS Fonepad Note 6 provides a whole new mobile experience for the busy user. Easy to hold or slip into your pocket, the ASUS Fonepad Note 6 is an elegant solution for a busy world.

      • Full HD Display/Super IPS+

        Share Your World in Incredible Full HD

        Never before has one device captured and displayed your world with such clarity and definition. The true 1080 × 1920 Full HD Super IPS+ display means never missing a detail, no matter where or when. Take your display to a whole new level, and see the world through clearer eyes.

      • Splendid

        Richer, Vibrant Colors

        Easily adjust your color scheme to best compliment your media. No two experiences are the same and subtle tools help define those experiences in total definition.

      • Camera

        8MP Camera to Capture Life's Moments

        Share your life with friends and families with incredible clarity. The 8 MegaPixel rear-facing camera and 1.2 MegaPixel front-facing camera help capture every moment like you've never seen. Photos and live video come alive, and new image-signal processors work in every kind of light.

      • All Smile

        More Photos Means Better Choices

        Capture your friends at their best every time. With the fun new ALL SMILE feature, choose the best photo from a quick burst of shots to make sure you get the best picture possible.

      • Panorama

        Take Stunning Panorama Everywhere

        Easily pan the camera and capture immersive panoramas in seconds and instantly share your view with the world.

      • Smart Remove

        Become Your Own Photo Editor

        The interactive editing feature SMART REMOVE lets users become a hands-on editor of all their photos. Whether removing unwanted backgrounds, pesky photo intruders or simply isolating an image, this effective app helps create the photos you want to keep forever.

      • Enjoy an All New Audio Experience

        Our lives are filled with sounds in every direction, and the ASUS Fonepad Note 6 delivers them with incredible precision. The audio experience provides an award-winning dynamic that creates an entirely new level of excellence.

      • Speakers

        Turn The Sound Around with Dual Front Speakers

        Our engineers obsessed over bringing a totally-realized audio package to the ASUS Fonepad Note 6. You will hear why with the powerful Dual Front-Facing Speakers. The sterling speaker quality is only matched by its extreme mobility.

      • SonicMaster

        A Better Definition of Superior Sound

        State of the art sophistication has never come in a smaller package. Enjoy the innovative, GRAMMY Award-winning SonicMaster system and wonder at its incredible clarity.

      • AudioWizard

        Create An Audioscape All Your Own

        The AudioWizard system lets users become sound engineers all on their own. Choose from a variety of settings or mix your own to heighten your audio landscape. Not all media sounds the same, and with the Fonepad Note 6 it will never sound the same again.

      • Touch of the Design

        One Touch and You'll Never Let Go

        Smooth, ergonomic design dominates the ASUS Fonepad Note 6's pleasing aesthetic. Small enough to fit in your hand, its durable but stream-lined finish frees users from worries of scratches and wear and tear.

      • Anti-Fingerprint Coating

        An Innovation in Clean Touch Technology

        Life can be messy. That's why the comfort of Anti-Fingerprint Coating lets users stay in control of every touch. Whether browsing the Web or playing games, the sensitive screen recognizes each and every touch with a whole new feel.

      • Multi-tasking with
        Intel Level Performance & Steady Stylus

        Speed meets control, all in the power of the Intel level performance and Stylus. Lighting-fast web and app loading with Intel®InsideTM, which means staying connected faster.Intuitive design with stylus allows for quick interaction from video graphics to dynamic creative tools, you will never waste a moment again.

      • Intel Level Performance

        A Performance Boost from Intel® InsideTM

        Intel®AtomTM Processor 2.0GHz for smooth, fast web-browsing and improved graphics performance.

        *Intel, the Intel logo, the Intel Inside logo and Inte® AtomTM are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.
      • Stylus with Pen Mode

        Scribble Your Thoughts Instantly

        It only takes a moment to lose a great idea. That's why every time you remove the lightweight stylus from Fonepad Note 6, the SuperNote widget starts up immediately for you to pen your thoughts.

      • Stylus with Instant Page

        Write All Over The World

        Interact with text with incredible ease. Whether it's while reading the news, reviewing documents or browsing the Web, Instant Page lets users create transparent notepads to attach to whatever catches their attention. Keep for your own archive or share ideas with co-workers and friends.

      • Reader Mode Smart Text Selection

        Never Get Lost in Translation

        The intelligent new Smart Text Selection feature uses the Stylus to highlight key words or sentences while browsing.Instantly translate text into any language you desire, or sync the highlighted text with other devices for further exploring.

      • Smart Crop

        Invent New Style with Your Stylus

        New functionality allows you to use the Stylus with great results. Smart Crop intuitively cuts and stores information with a diagonal swipe of the Stylus.

      • Smart Peek

        Invent New Style with Your Stylus

        Use the Stylus and tap on the hard key to enjoy the extensive functions. Smart Peek allows you to have a peek on any file.

      • Stay on the Go The Way You Need

        Stay mobile without losing a step. A powerful battery means never worrying about losing control and keeps you moving forwards. Universal data storage allows for a total experience that pushes the world along.

      • *Up to 17 hours of battery life for 3G talk time

        Battery Life

        Charge through Your Day

        Fonepad Note 6 was built to last. Take it to go for another 6 ½ hours for 720P video playback and 17 hours for 3G talk time. The power stays on as long as you do.

      • Micro SD Slot

        Comprehensive Access to Extensive 64 GB Storage

        Interactivity is important when you are on the move. That is why the Fonepad Note 6 features both a Micro SD for your input needs, ensuring maximum storage of up to 64 GB with full HD output.

      • WebStorage

        Create Your Own Cloud with Uploads and Syncs

        Stay connected with all of your devices, no matter where you may roam. With WebStorage, mobile access to new and existing files is as close as the next touch of the screen. Because the Cloud system keeps everything right where you need it, staying connected has never been easier.

      • 3G Phone

        The Innovative New Mobile Adventure

        Social media moves very quickly, so never lose touch with any of your favorite personal accounts. With the phone and tablet abilities, you will be fed with all the social updates on the interface and never be out of touch again.

      • SuperNote

        A Note-Taking Tool for The Perfect Multimedia Device

        Capture your own creativity at a moment's notice. SuperNote allows users to read, scribble text and type anytime they choose. Inserting photos, videos and other highlights help ideas come to life.

      • My Library

        A Reading Experience That Is Truly A Masterpiece

        Turn the page like never before. MyLibrary collects and displays all of your favorite literary works. From best-sellers to magazines and everything in between, the intuitive design delivers a classic feel that invites the reader in. You can also highlight the content with your Stylus, scribble notes and save or share your notes anytime.

      • Instant Dictionary

        Manage Your Data Across Devices

        The world is constantly growing. With the Instant Dictionary function, you can master any language you desire- all with the touch of your finger. From pronunciations to translations, you will never have to worry about emails, browsing or messages getting lost in translation.

      • Browser

        The Web Comes Alive with Perfect Focus

        Web browsing has never been easier with the new Eye-Friendly features. From the Smart Reflow which keeps all your pages in focus whether zooming in or out to the Smart Reader which brings all your pages to a perfect new light, you will never experience anything more intuitive in a mobile device.

      • Calendar

        Day in, Day out, Stay Organized and Stay Focused

        Stay up to date with the integrated Calendar App. All of your social media events, birthday and special events are all incorporated into one beautiful calendar. Day to day, month to month, you'll never miss a thing.

      • Messages

        A Better Messaging Tool for A Faster World

        Messaging should be fast, clean and easy to interact. Whether to one person or a group, you can now share vivid photos and videos, invite your friends on the go and spread links to all of your favorite web materials. It is the best communication on

      • Email

        Your One Stop Solution for All Your Email Needs

        Mobile technology makes communication a 24 hour ability. Be productive and stay in touch no matter how many email accounts, and prevent scheduling conflicts before they happen. Organize and respond to all of your needs with all of your emails in one easy-to-read list.

      • Stylish ASUS Fonepad Note 6 Side Flip Cover

        Made of tough and tactile materials, the lightweight
        Side Flip Cover thoroughly safeguards your
        ASUS Fonepad Note 6 and gives you
        a firm grip even with one hand.

        ASUS EB50N NearField Headset

        Enjoy talking and music limitlessly on the go via Bluetooth connection.