Xonar D-KARA

    Xonar D-KARA

    Go karaoke pro and sing with studio-grade effects and snappy setup

    • Start your own karaoke studio with professional vocal effects, easy setup, and a friendly user interface
    • Five dedicated master presets tuned by studio sound engineers for different genres
    • Always on the beat thanks to real time microphone input
    • Express every lyric and note cleanly and clearly via 106dB SNR
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      Designed by leading music-industry engineers, Xonar D-KARA helps eager amateur singers shape their voice and indulge in the latest trend of sharing personal songs online. It offers 96kHz/24-bit playback, real-time microphone input, 5.1-surround sound, a 106dB SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) and a host of studio-level sound effects and vocal tools. Singers can sing in real time and apply the kinds of enhancements that were previously the preserve of professional recording studios. With the user-friendly interface, users can set up a professional grade home-recording studio in just minutes.

      Studio-grade vocal effects

      Cool Xonar D-KARA shows off a dedicated 10-band EQ, lifelike reverb, precise low/high pass filters, a compressor, and powerful dynamic boost. That allows it to turn you into an awesome vocal performer, as it shapes sound to perfection. It has truly professional settings and effects if you're in that studio rock or guitar ballad mood, while a special tunable preset supports a more flexible vocal range. Sing your own way - all of these advanced features are your ticket to karaoke stardom!

      • Reverb: Sing with lifelike environmental sound effects
      • EQ: Find your voice thanks to 10-band equalizer customization
      • Compressor/dynamic boost: Optimize your epic performances with modifiable voice gain
      • High pass filter/low pass filter: Keep your singing sensations nice and clear across different frequencies
      • Presets: Save your favorite vocal effect combination, and turn up the fun with easy activation
      • Advanced settings: One-click enables advanced settings for studio-like effect tuning

      Five ready-made master profiles

      To make settings quicker, D-KARA offers five one-click selectable master presets defined by Xonar and studio engineers: rock, rock pro, ballad, ballad pro, and special. Big heavy metal headbanger or soft and tender love song fan, these master presets get you ready for you own greatest hits collection!

      Enjoy access to brilliant studio-grade audio tools

      Everyone can be a super star via professional but easy karaoke features.

      • Key shifting: Easily modify the pitch of any stereo content
      • Vocal cancellation: Remove vocals and leave just the original music: ideal for your note-perfect covers!
      • Stereo mix: Mix and record stereo sound and vocals
      • Easy import/export presets: Great music needs to be shared! Create your masterpieces and let family and friends enjoy them!
      • Instant hotkeys: Set up your own shortcuts in the Windows toolbar for lightning-fast access

      Always on the beat thanks to real time microphone input

      Never again miss a note or a single beat! While software karaoke and recording typically have mic lag, D-KARA hardware includes an advanced microphone-input digital signal processor that's up to 100 times more responsive than onboard audio. It's even up to ten times quicker than other karaoke cards. With microphone response this fast, you're ready for the big time.

      Notes and lyrics in clear perfection with 106dB SNR

      D-KARA builds on award-winning Xonar hardware to dazzle your ears with crystal clear performances. It uses exclusive ASUS Hyper Grounding technology to increase clarity by 16 times compared to onboard audio, pumping out an impressive 106dB SNR that tops the average 90dB of integrated sound.