ASUS VersaSleeve 8

    ASUS VersaSleeve 8

    Dress up in more style

    • Dual-position and multi-angle cover for ASUS Pad
    • Folding form factor enables handheld video watching and ergonomic typing
    • Protective soft-touch polyurethane and microfiber interior keeps ASUS Pad safe
    • Choose from two colors

      It’s a breeze turning your ASUS Pad into an even more portable and capable device. Made of durable yet pleasantly soft and reassuring materials, this cover instantly infuses ASUS Pad with added flexibility. It’s protective so you can do more and go further, plus switches forms between handheld and upright stances on the spot. Socializing to productivity and entertainment – all are more comfortable and better looking with choice of two colors!

      Protective soft-touch polyurethane and microfiber interior

      1. Microfiber
      2. Folding design
      3. Polyurethane
      Dual-stance folio cover
      Dual-stance folio cover
      Video Stand
      Typing Stand

      Dual-position and multi-angle

      Folding Step

      folding step