The Perfect Home Computer
    Smart Multimedia Performance
    VivoPC K31CLG is powered by the 5th generation Intel® processors to give you significantly faster and more efficient multitasking performance over previous iterations. VivoPC K31CLG enhances your daily computing experience, making online shopping, writing blogs, conducting presentations, or watching movies all the more enjoyable.
    Windows 10 Home
    5th GEN Intel CPU
    FHD Display Supported
    DDR3 Memory at 1600MHz
    Expansive Audio, tuned by experts
    A mixture of hardware, software, and tuning, ASUS SonicMaster was developed with the clear goal of giving you the best PC audio. A professional codec ensures precise sound performance; while an optimized amplifier, larger speakers and resonance chambers deliver powerful audio output and deeper bass. Additional signal processing helps fine tune the hardware, filtering noise and improving clarity so you can enjoy unrivalled audio on K31CLG.
    Windows 10 Home
    Windows 10 Home brings the desktop back to the forefront, complete with the familiar convenience of the Start Menu. It also adds an Edge browser that lets you access the web with blistering speed and useful new functions.
    Free 100GB WebStorage
    Access your data anywhere, anytime! Data is always at your reach with ASUS storage innovations. With 100GB of free ASUS WebStorage, keep your data safe in the cloud, accessing it anywhere, anytime through the internet. Share photos and videos with your family and friends through a secure URL link.
    100GB free ASUS Webstorage for 1 year.
    SuperSpeed USB 3.1 transmission
    VivoPC K31CLG features SuperSpeed USB 3.1 transfering data up to 20 times faster than USB 2.0, and 2 times faster than USB 3.0. Besides, it also comes with all the connectivity options you need. HDMI output ports lets you hook your VivoPC K31CLG up to an HDTV to supersize your entertainment. SATA 6Gbit/s ports offer blisteringly fast data transfer speeds, letting you save large files or quickly load games.
    up to 2 X Faster than USB3.0
    Ultra-fast connectivity
    With wireless transfer rates up to 433Mbit/s with compatible routers, 802.11ac Wi-Fi is around 8 times faster than 802.11g and around 3 times faster than 802.11n, making the VivoPC K31CLG Series capable of streaming 4K/UHD video without the inconvenience of network cables.
    up to 3 X Faster than 802.11n
    ASUS desktops – Most recommended
    Windows desktop brand
    Innovation, design and reliability are at the heart of all ASUS computers. ASUS has won a Readers' Choice Award for its desktops four years running, leading the competition in both overall satisfaction and likelihood to be recommended. This proves that ASUS is better at delivering what customers want than rival Windows desktop PC companies. ASUS also had the lowest percentage of units needing repairs within the last 12 months, further proof of its trusted quality and reliability.
    * Reprinted from with permission. © 2016 Ziff Davis, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    Trust worthy quality and reliability
    ASUS desktop PCs are subjected to a series of rigorous noise, vibration, drop, and thermal shock tests to ensure they meet our exacting standards and exceed those used by other manufacturers. So you can rest assured that your new computer can cope with extremes of dry, icy -40℃ to hot and humid 60℃ environments, as well as the bumps and knocks during shipping.
    Vibration Test
    Shock Test
    Port Test
    Temperature and Humidity Tset
    Noise Test
    Line and Frequency Test