ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro for business.

    ASUS Transformer Book T100 Chi

    Beauty and Strength.
    Enjoy the best of both worlds.
    Hewn from solid aluminum, with no seams or screws to blemish it, Transformer Book Chi has the understated elegance and beauty that only real metal provides. The edges are chamfered using a precision diamond-cutting process to produce brilliant yet subtle highlights that add to Chi’s sophistication. Chi is something to be proud of, not to be hidden away.
    Smart magnetic hinge
    We paid an awful lot of attention to the crucial connection between Chi’s display and its keyboard. The result is a unique smart magnetic hinge that’s not only strong and reliable, but also connects precisely with no fuss or hassle, every time. Using the world’s most powerful magnetic material in a carefully-designed pattern, this hinge supports up to 2kg, yet is easy to connect and disconnect without any fiddling around.
    Unprecedented typing comfort
    One of the genius features of T100 Chi is the fact that despite being incredibly slim and compact, its keyboard is still a joy to use, with 1.5mm key travel and a 54% click ratio for a desktop-like feel. We’ve also used our engineering expertise to make maximum use of the available space, giving you a keyboard that’s more usable than any in its class. Typing on an ultraportable has never been this comfortable.
    With its fanless design, Transformer Book Chi will never disturb your peace. We’ve taken great pains to make sure that any heat generated inside gets quickly to the outside, with no need for noisy fans. To do this, we’ve used clever engineering, such as ultra-thin aluminum shielding that’s half as thin as normal shielding and makes Chi much more efficient at getting rid of heat. So Chi keeps cool, and so do you!