Wireless-AC2600 Dual-band repeater with four external antennas for improving fast Wi-Fi coverage
  • Extend super-fast Wi-Fi from your router - Enjoy the ultimate combined dual-band speeds of up to 2534Mbps.
  • Improve Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home - Dual-band antenna design with four external antennas extends fast Wi-Fi coverage to every room.
  • Easy setup with signal-strength indicator - Find the ideal place for RP-AC87 using the LED signal indicator, and enjoy one-click setup.
  • ASUS extender app - PC-free setup of network, anytime, anywhere.
  • Rotating mains plug - Flexible positioning in any power socket.

Faster Wi-Fi that Goes Further!

The RP-AC87 wireless repeater has powerful external antennas that help eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones and improve the coverage of any existing wireless router. It works as a range booster, which means it can extend wireless networking to every corner of your home — even to those difficult, hard-to-reach spots. With blindingly-fast 802.11ac speeds of up to 2534Mbps, it's ideal for extending your existing 802.11ac Wi-Fi network, giving you reliable high-speed internet coverage everywhere for devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, game consoles and smart TVs.

ASUS RP-AC87 repeater helps to boost Wi-Fi coverage to every corner of your home for multi-devices

Experience Ultra-Fast Wireless

Powered by 802.11ac technology, RP-AC87 delivers ultra-fast wireless-AC speeds of up to 1734Mbps on the 5GHz band and 800Mbps on the 2.4GHz band — that's a combined total of 2534Mbps! This high-performance Wi-Fi lets you enjoy ultra-smooth online gaming, snappier web-surfing and other bandwidth-hungry tasks without a wired connection.

With 802.11ac standard and 4x4 antenna design, ASUS RP-AC87 repeater provides up to 3 times faster Wi-Fi speed than 802.11n standard Wi-Fi With 802.11ac standard and 4x4 antenna design, ASUS RP-AC87 repeater provides up to 3 times faster Wi-Fi speed than 802.11n standard Wi-Fi

One-Touch Setup for Worry-Free Connectivity

Setting up your RP-AC87 wireless repeater doesn't require messing with discs, or even a mouse and keyboard. You can use the WPS buttons on RP-AC87 and your router for instant automatic setup. Optimized performance is assured for a seamless and smooth internet experience. For advanced settings, you can connect RP-AC87 to a PC via an Ethernet cable and access the web-based configuration menu directly.

ASUS RP-AC87 repeater allows users to setup automatically by simply pressing WPS buttons

ASUS Extender App
Easy Setup in Your Hand

Now It's much easier and more intuitive to set up your ASUS repeater. With just a few taps, you can easily transfer your router's login information to the repeater, and there are easy instructions to help you find the ideal location for RP-AC87. It's all PC-free and right in your hand!

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ASUS extender app helps users to easily setup their home network

Find the Perfect Location with Ease!

For best results, RP-AC87 needs to be within range of a strong and stable router signal, and should be placed between the router and the location where you need better wireless coverage— you can check this by simply using the signal strength LED on the front panel.

Three LED signal indicators on the front panel helps users to find best location for ASUS RP-AC87 repeater

3-in-1 Repeater, Access Point and Media Bridge Modes

RP-AC87 has three convenient modes to make it even more flexible. As well as a repeater, it can also work as a wireless access point (AP) or as a media bridge. In AP mode, it can be connected to any wired LAN — for example, a hotel's internet connection — to create a personal Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing the internet connection to be accessed from laptops, phones or other Wi-Fi devices.

In Media Bridge mode, it can be connected to any Ethernet-compatible device — such as a smart TV, multimedia player, game console or PC — to give it Wi-Fi capability. It's a great way to reduce cable mess!

ASUS RP-AC87 repeater allows users to easily choose between repeater, access point and media bridge modes

Super-convenient Rotating Mains Plug

With the ingenious rotating mains plug, RP-AC87 can always be positioned upright for optimum performance, no matter what the orientation of the power socket is.

Special designed rotating mains plug  for positioning your RP-AC87 easily
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