El servidor ASUS PRL-DLS533 soporta un procesador dual Intel Xeon de hasta 3.06GHz y memoria registrada RAM DDR ECC PC2100 de 4GB. Incorporando el controlador SCSI Ultra320 PCI-X de dual canal LSI 53C1030 y 4 x Ranuras PCI-X, este servidor se destina para último rendimiento y fiabilidad.
      The Server Motherboard with Powerful
      Storage Capability

      Based on dual Intel ® Xeon TM processor platform, Asus PR-DLS533 is designed for storage-demanded customers.

      Powerful Computing and Huge Storage Space
      PR-DLS533 supports up to 12GB DDR RAM, which offers powerful computing ability. It also has up to 8 hot-swap SCSI HDD expansion capability to provide huge storage spave.

      Great Expansion Ability in add-on card
      Three full size full length 66MHz PCI-X slot and one 133MHz low profile PCI-X slot provide customers broad expansion capability.

      Effective Network Connection
      PR-DLS533 also provides effective network connection through Intel® 82540 Gigabit Ethernet and Intel® 82544 Gigabit Ethernet LAN chips, completely eliminating bottleneck in network transfer.

      Key Spec


      dual Intel® Xeon ™ (Prestonia533) Processors


      NB: ServerWorks ® Grand Champion LE (GCLE),
      SB: ServerWorks ® Champion (CSB5),
      PCI-X Bridge : ServerWorks ® 64-bit PCI-X Bridge (CIOB-X2)


      6 x ECC Registered DDR266 DIMMs, Maximum up to 12G B


      1 x 64-bit/133MHz/3.3V PCI-X (Low Profile PCI),
      1 x PCIX3-AR21 riser card
      (supports 3 x 64-bit/66MHz/3.3V PCI-X, or 2 x 64-bit/66MHz/3.3V PCI-X, or 1 x 64-bit/100MHz/3.3V PCI-X)

      On-board Chip

      1x Intel® 82540 Gigabit Ethernet
      1x Intel® 82544 Gigabit Ethernet