Compacto en tamaño, Rico en funcionalidades

    El Asus WL-530g cambia completamente la idea de que los dispositivos inalámbricos tienen que ser voluminosos. Con un peso ligero y un tamaño compacto, los usuarios pueden llevarlo fácilmente a reuniones, grupos de estudio o donde quiera que se necesite una red compartida.

    Compact in Size, Rich in Functionality

    Asus WL-530g completely changes the perception that wireless devices have to bulky. With a lightweight
    and compact design, people can easily bring it around to meetings, study groups or anywhere in between
    where networking sharing is needed. It's equipped with four 10/100Base-T Ethernet ports to sync up with a PC and hub to extend the network.

    G-Mark Winner
    With the one-of-a-kind compact design, the ASUS WL-530g wireless router recently received Japan's
    G-Mark, the world's foremost validation for high-quality industrial design.

    Strongest Guard for your wireless network
    The WL-530g integrated the ACL (access control list) functions, permitting users to connect to broadband
    Internet through the wireless router without worries. On top of WEP (wired equivalent privacy) encoded
    technology, the WL-530g also included the next-generation WPA-PSK (Wi-Fi-Protected Access-Preshared
    Keys)* and TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol) for those who demand state-of-the-art network
    security. Besides the NAT (network address translation) firewall, which keeps internal addresses hidden
    from the outside, the WL-530g also provides SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection), an even more powerful
    firewall system.
    *Firmware upgrade for more advanced WPA-PSK2

    Children Protection function:
    the secret weapon for parents and MIS engineers

    With Children Protection function which protects against unauthorized access and filter mechanism for
    blocking inappropriate URLs in pre-defined key words/time interval, the WL-530g is ideal for both office
    and home environments for setting up a wireless network.

    Auto- switch between AP mode and Router mode
    Unlike other routers that offer both router and base station modes, the WL-530g intelligently monitors the
    WAN (wide area network), detects whether the broadband modem is properly connected, and automatically switches between base station (if not connected) and router (if connected) modes. No more complicated configurations. To change settings, use simple web browsers on any of the computers within the wireless LAN to reconfigure the WL-530g.

    IP Sharing
    WL-530g support DHCP (dynamic host configuration protocol) server which automatically assigns IP
    addresses to client devices. All your family members, even PDAs, wireless media devices can to enjoy the
    convenience of IP sharing from different location in your home.Furthermore, for Internet access, all
    computers within the LAN can access the Internet both wired and wirelessly via the same external IP

    Easy management with thoughtful interface
    Just follow Simple setup in the web-pages to do the step-by-step configuration. You can even save your
    own settings in your computer and restore it in the future. With Device Discovery utility which helps you
    search all Asus routers in the network to do the settings, you don't bother to memorize the IP address