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Brian David Johnson

Author, Professor, and Futurist

Brian has made the future his business. From 2009 to 2016, he was Intel’s first-ever futurist. Currently professor at Arizona State University's Global Futures Laboratory and the School for the Future of Innovation in Society, Johnson also works with governments, militaries, corporations, nonprofits and start-ups, to help them envision their future.

About the speakers

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Graham Brown-Martin

Author, Professor and Futurist

Founder of The Catalyst Coach, Graham is author and director of the Learning {Re}imagined transmedia project, which is focused on the future of learning.

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Stephen Fang

K-12 Cloud Leader, Google for Education

Stephen currently leads Google’s K-12 Cloud team. Prior to his current role, he worked with large school districts to get them up and running on Chromebooks and Google Workspace for Education.

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Chris Whiteman

Education Sales Director, ASUS UK

UK and Ireland Commercial Sales director for ASUS, Chris leads both the reseller and end-user sales teams to work closely with a huge number of schools and key partners.

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Cigdem Ertem

Global Director for Education, Intel

Cigdem leads a global team to drive digital transformation in the public sector and education verticals at Intel.

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Essential tools for EdTech

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