ASUS EPYC 9004 Server Solutions

AMD EPYC™ 9004 Servers

Empowering Data Center Sustainability

EPYC™ 9004 CPU-powered Server Solutions

The ASUS servers powered by AMD EPYC™ 9004 deliver best-in-class capabilities with speed up to 75% faster than EPYC™ 7003 series, and support up to 128 cores, DDR5, 128 PCIe Gen5 lanes from AMD Zen 4c architecture. Our enhanced thermal design and innovative liquid cooling solutions improve the PUE of a data center, upgrading the scale of a data center to accelerate and optimize complex workloads.

Custom-focused ASUS Design

ASUS servers are designed with our customers in mind, offering flexibility to enable easy scale-up of configurations to meet increasing data-center workloads.
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    Offers reliable, optimal CPU performance efficiency between CPUs

    Extends I/O availability for more computing capability

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    Scalable Storage

    Unlock SSD RAID performance with SupremeRAID™ Technology, deliver up to 24 NVMe

    More scalable options in middle and rear bays

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    Cooling Solutions

    New HDD tray and independent airflow tunnel design deliver energy-efficient performance

    Immersion and direct-to-chip liquid cooling solutions for improved PUE and reduced operational costs

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    Multiple GPU and
    FPGA Support

    Flexible design to configure PCIe5 x16 slots for specific workloads

    GPU servers designed with space optimization for liquid cooling solutions

    Stand-out AI training and inference performance proved by MLPerf benchmarks

Liquid Cooling Solutions

  • Over


    Lower fan power

  • Over


    Lower noise level

Air Cooling Solutions

  • 44%

    Wider Ventilation Holes​ for Component Longevity​

Independent Airflow Tunnel Design



    400W CPUs



    350W GPUs

Liquid cooling water

Comprehensive Liquid Cooling Solutions

RS720QA-E12 product image for direct-to-chip cooling

Direct-to-chip cooling solution

ASUS direct-to-chip cooling is a quick, simple option that's based on existing infrastructure. D2C can be deployed quickly, and lower PUE (power-usage effectiveness). ASUS servers can support manifolds and cool plates to enable diverse cooling solutions. Moreover, ASUS servers can support a rear-door heat exchanger that complies with standard rack-server designs, so there's no need to replace all racks — just the rear door. This lowers the total cost of ownership, and increases data-center utilization ratio.
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ASUS Sumber tank for immersion cooling

Immersion cooling solution

ASUS Immersion cooling is another highly-effective solution from ASUS. This technique offers more advantages on PUE and encompasses higher-density servers. However, it also demands more space, and may require retooling of the data-center infrastructure. But immersion cooling can control temperatures more rapidly, efficiently and cost-effectively than traditional methods. For users of supercomputers in particular, immersion cooling is the preferred option.
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Improved Air Cooling Solutions

  • HDD Tray Design

    This new design improves airflow by 44% open ratio and thermal airflow, extending storage lifecycle and better user experience.
  • Front Bezel Design

    An enhanced protection with a lock to avoid accidental removal and usage.
  • Improved Airflow Tunnel Design

    The independent CPU and GPU airflow tunnels allows to support two processors consuming up to 400 watts each, and eight graphics cards consuming up to 350 watts each.
  • Thermal Radar 2.0

    Multiple sensors are embedded on the front panel, CPU socket, NVMe SSD slots, OCP slot, PSU socket and memory slots. Fans are also grouped for dynamic fan curve adjustment in different fan zones to achieve more precise thermal monitoring.
  • ASUS Power Balancer

    Dynamic Monitoring and feedback CPU loading to have more accurate management on the system and adjusting CPU frequency based on current utilization to reduce power consumption and optimize performance per watt for a better power efficiency system.
Data center for benchmark world records ASUS No.1 benchmark world record icon

No.1 Benchmark World Records

Taking advantage of the AMD EPYC™ 9004 processors' compute leadership performance, ASUS servers powered by EPYC™ 9004 achieved the No.1 result for performance – securing a top ranking across SPEC CPU2017 benchmarks on SPEC org. The results demonstrate that ASUS leadership with the new AMD EPYC™ processors, delivering outstanding performance for the server industry.
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* ASUS RS700A-E12 & RS520A-E12 servers are tested the highest scores on SPEC CPU2017 multiple benchmarks. All results can be verified on 10, November, 2022 at


ASUS HPC Data Center Solutions Webinar

ASUS will host a webinar with AMD to demonstrate our server solutions powered by EPYC™ 9004 with the latest innovations, technologies and cooling solutions. The webinar will explain the advantages of the ASUS solutions, the ideal servers and the benefits of using the AMD EPYC™ 9004 solutions.

10:00 AM (UTC+1) - Berlin time
17:00 AM (UTC+8) - Taipei time
1, December, 2022


- Victoria Chen, senior product manager, ASUS
- Alexey Nechuyatov, server marketing from data center BU, AMD

What you will learn

- Get an insight from AMD expert on AMD EPYC™ 9004 design
- Learn more about the new design on AMD EPYC™ 9004 solutions
- Join Q&A with the leadership team of ASUS and AMD

Register to download the webinar deck

Event ASUS SC22 booth design


ASUS will showcase our leading HPC data center cooling solutions, as well as advanced technologies and innovations developed in cooperation with industry-leading partners to unlock new solutions and expanding the possibilities of HPC data centers.

ASUS Booth Number: 3816
Find out where we are: Floor plan
November 14-17th
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas
  • Immersion Cooling Solutions with Submer and MGC

  • Direct-to-chip Cooling Solutions
    (AMD EPYC™ 9004)

  • HPC cloud and core to edge solutions

  • AI medical and NVIDIA AI Enterprise solutions

  • The Future rack server solutions

ASUS ASMB11-iKVM dashboard interfac

Optimized Firmware Management

ASMB11-iKVM is an optimized firmware management tool for server and data-center operations equipped with IPMI and Redfish Protocols, enabling access and monitoring of hardware status, sensors, and updates. Out-band management significantly reduces redundant IT operations and deployments, remotely. ASMB11-iKVM collectively connects BIOS, BMC, server information, and key components to improve operational efficiency.
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AMD EPYC™ 9004 Processors

  • The only X86 5nm server CPUs.

  • All new SP5 socket with planned future CPU compatibility.

  • Introducing support for high performant DDR5 DIMMs and fast PCIe® Gen 5 I/O, which enables the demands of today's AI and ML applications and the increasing use of accelerators, GPUs, FPGAs and more.

  • CXL1.1+ memory expansion to help support the demand for ever larger in-memory workload capacity.


  • 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ Processors efficiently deliver impressive performance, helping pay real dividends for our world.

  • More performance from your servers gives you flexibility. You can use fewer servers for the same work; or do more work with the same number of servers; or do the work in less time.

  • 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ processors can enable a highly efficient data center and help customers with sustainability goals.

Performance Leadership

  • The 128-core EPYC™ 9004 CPU is expected to be industry's best performing X86 server processor2 enabling outstanding results across a wide spectrum of industry standard applications.

  • Large or small, every organization can benefit from the innovations and performance breakthroughs 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ CPUs can deliver for the world's most demanding workloads.

Security by design

  • The AMD 'Security by Design' approach includes a set of state-of-the-art security features and a silicon embedded security subsystem to help protect your most valuable asset, your data.

  • The ground-breaking EPYC™ processors helped enable innovative technology like Confidential Computing, and with a dedicated, fully integrated on-die security processor; the EPYC™ 9004 series expands on the AMD Infinity Guard security feature set continuing to add layers for both physical and virtual security3.

Solution for Every Workload

Dual-socket servers

RS720A-E12-RS24U product image


2U, 24 & 12 storage options




RS700A-E12-RS12U product image


1U, 12 & 4 storage options




ESC8000A-E12 product image


4U, 8 dual-slot GPUs

#AI Training

#AI Inference


Single-socket servers

RS520A-E12-RS24U product image


2U, 24 & 12 storage options


#Hybrid Cloud


RS500A-E12-RS12U product image


1U, 12 & 4 storage options


#Hybrid Cloud


ESC4000A-E12 product image


2U, 4 dual-slot GPUs

#AI Training

#AI Inference


Multi-node server


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High-performance AMD EPYC 9004 series servers from ASUS lead the way to data center sustainability

High-performance AMD EPYC 9004 series servers from ASUS lead the way to data center sustainability