Important resolutions of 2022 Annual General Meeting

1.Date of the shareholders' meeting: 2022/06/08
2.Important resolutions (1)profit distribution/deficit compensation: Acknowledgement to Appropriation of 2021 earnings.
3.Important resolutions (2)amendments of the corporate charter: None
4.Important resolutions (3)business report and financial statements: Acknowledgement to 2021 operation and financial reports.
5.Important resolutions (4)elections of board of directors and supervisors: The list is as follows that elected:
Director: Tsung-Tang, (Jonney) Shih; Shih-Chang,(Ted) Hsu;
Chiang-Sheng, (Jonathan)Tseng; Hsien-Yuen, (SY) Hsu;
Su-Pin, (Samson) Hu;Yen-Cheng, (Eric) Chen;
Min-Chieh,(Joe) Hsieh;Yu-Chia, (Jackie) Hsu;
Tze-Kaing, Yang;Hsing-Chuan, (Sandy) Hu Wei
Independent Director:
Chung-Hou, (Kenneth) Tai; Ming-Yu, Lee; Chun-An, Sheu;
Ruey-Shan,(Andy) Guo Hui-Chin, (Audrey) Chou Tseng
6.Important resolutions (5)other proposals: Approve of amendment to the “Rules of Procedures for Acquisition or Disposal of Assets.”
7.Any other matters that need to be specified: None