Next Generation of "Powered by ASUS" Gaming PCs launches in Finland together with Jimm's PC-Store


Powered by ASUS.

Powered by ASUS consists of prebuilt computers developed in collaboration between ASUS and the best of PC builders in the Nordic. Today we launch a new generation of PCs with focus on discerning gamers. ASUS, with its origins in motherboards, has in recent years established itself in several new product categories. With the market's broadest range for gaming products for PC, it becomes a natural step to offer complete PC systems.

Component selection:

All PBA systems are primarily based on ASUS ROG components. Great emphasis is placed on finding components matching perfect together and are proportional to both style and performance. Initially, three themes will be available: TUF Gaming, ROG and ROG Strix. For those who want to create an entire system in the same theme, there will also be offers to buy a monitor, headset and keyboard for their system, at a discounted price.


PBA computers based on TUF Gaming components are created to offer affordable gaming computers that, despite their price tag, offer components with great added value. The foundation of the build is a TUF motherboard which is mounted in the TUF chassis "GT301". TUF motherboards use lavish components and VRM with functionality that was previously only known in the most high-end of builds. The processor is cooled by the TUF LC 120 water cooler, which keeps both temperatures and noise levels down. Of course, TUF Gaming graphics cards are also used, which have become immensely popular among the latest generation of graphics cards.

ROG Strix

PBA systems with a ROG Strix theme are characterized by lavish components, often with the ability to put your own flare with RGB effects. The graphics cards from ROG Strix, with its massive 2.9-slot cooler, are perhaps the most desired card to date. Strix graphics cards are built on ASUS custom-designed PCBs and come with higher clock frequencies directly from the factory. ROG Strix motherboards offer a wide array of extra features for gamers, such as Intel Ethernet ports and SupremeFX audio codecs. Gold-certified power supplies from ROG Strix are combined with the OLED-lit LC cooler Strix LC360. Finally everything are housed in the iconic ROG Strix chassis, offering plenty of room for both airflow and upgrades.


ROG System uses exclusively the most expensive and high-performance components on the market. The system is based on the robust ROG Strix Helios chassis, which provides good opportunities for both airflow and upgrade possibilities. High demands are placed on each individual component and where ROG Maximus motherboards form the foundation. Together with the ROG Ruijin Water Cooler and ROG power Thor Power supply we achieve the best possible conditions for a gaming PC that is not only extremely powerful, but leaving room for overclocking and a ton of extra features.

Price, availability and specifications?

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