[Desktop PC/Motherboard]Troubleshooting for Auto shutdown/ Auto reboot / the screen displays black

Situation 1: Machine auto shutdown/reboot under Windows system. 
Solution  1: Enter Safe mode. Remove recently installed drivers/utilities.


Situation 2: Machine auto reboots before Windows system starts. (ASUS logo/Windows logo) 
Solution  2: Remove AC Adapter and wait 3-5 minutes. If you still can't enter system after reboot, please contact ASUS Product Support 


Situation 3: The screen displays black after entering desktop 
Solution  3: Enter Safe mode. Remove Anti-Virus software/recently installed drivers/VGA driver.

* Please refer to below FAQ link for how to enter Safe mode in different OS: Windows 10/11 


If the problems cannot be solved with the above methods, please contact ASUS Product Support

If above solution cannot work out your problem, please contact ASUS Customer Center for further assistance and information.