[Wireless Router] How to bind trust account to my ASUS router?(ASUS router app)



What is Account Binding?

You can login your trust account and bind it to ASUS router. Bind your ASUS router to social account can help you to enable voice assistant via router app and import exist router profile to new handheld device. If you want to release your router and bind to another account, you can unbind the device from your logging account.



    1. Account Binding feature is available for specific 802.11ax models with firmware version later than Please make sure the firmware version of your ASUS router is up-to-date.

         For the information of how to upgrade firmware, please refer to [Wireless Router] How to update the firmware of your router to the latest version via ASUS Router App?

    2. Please install the ASUS router app on your smart phone device first. Please make sure your ASUS Router App version is up to date.

         For the information of how to install the ASUS router app, please refer to [Wireless Router] How to set up ASUS Wi-Fi router via ASUS Router App?

    3. Account Binding only supports ASUS DDNS, 3rd party DDNS is not supported.


Follow below steps to bind your ASUS router to your account

Here we take iOS for an example.

Step 1. Click ASUS Router App


Step 2. Go to Settings and click [Account Binding]


Step 3. Choose the account you want to bind the ASUS router and login with account.

           Please remember the login account information and then choose the same account when you login on the other handheld device.


Step 4. When you logged in and bind successfully, you can see your account information.


You can log out from router profile list page. Please remember which account you are binding your device when you are logging out. You may need to use the same account to log in to list all your binding router profile.




Follow below steps to unbind my ASUS router from login account

Step 1. Go to home page of the router profile you want to unbind and click device icon.


Step 2. Click up-right Conner setting button


Step 3. Click Unbind with Account


Then you can see your device going to local device. Now it is not linked with your account. You can unlink it with phone or keep it on local device to management.





1. What account types are supported for this feature?

   Currently supports Gmail/ASUS ID/Facebook/Apple ID/WeChat.

    Added QQ/Weibo support in China.


2. Can the same ASUS router be bound to different social accounts?

    No, the same ASUS router can only be bound to a social account at the same time.


3. Can I log in to my social accounts on different mobile phones at the same time?

    You can log in and use different phones at the same time.


4. Can't log in to manage ASUS router app through social account binding?

    If you haven't bound any social accounts to this ASUS router before, account binding doesn't work because there is no binding record.

The account binding and management is for user's who wants to bind social account to router and if user has switch to a new mobile device, user can call out all routers profile via login with social accounts. 

For the information of how to install the ASUS router app, please refer to [Wireless Router] How to set up ASUS Wi-Fi router via ASUS Router App?



How to get the (Utility / Firmware)?

You can download the latest drivers, software, firmware and user manuals in the ASUS Download Center.

If you need more information about the ASUS Download Center, please refer to this link