[GlideX] How to download and install GlideX on macOS?

GlideX is a convenient cross-device, cross-platform screen-sharing, and screen-control solution. It gives you more space to work — or play! — using wired or wireless connections between your devices, and you can control all your devices with a single keyboard and mouse.

GlideX supports Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS systems. This article is the download and installation process for macOS. If you do not have a Mac system, please go to the corresponding platform to download Microsoft Store, Google Play Store, Android APK, and Apple App Store (GlideX mobile devices).


Download GlideX for macOS

First, click this link to download the GlideX mac installer (about 22 MB) to your macOS. After the download is complete, you will see the file GlideX-Mac_x.x.x(x).dmg1.

Note1: x.x.x.(x) in the file name will display the latest version number of the current GlideX application.


Install GlideX for macOS

Double-click the downloaded GlideX-Mac_x.x.x(x).dmg file in the download path, you will see the (Figure 1) window; then, drag GlideX to the application folder (Figure 2) to complete the installation process.

(Figure 1)

(Figure 2)