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Un lecteur respectueux de l'environnement
Le lecteur ASUS DRW-24B3ST est capable de lire et d´écrire des données sur les formats DVD±R, DVD±R(DL), DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVDRAM, CD-R, CD-RW et CD-ROM. Ce lecteur, respectueux de l´environnement, vous permet d´effacer de façon permanente les données de vos disques enregistrables. Il vous offrira ainsi plus de flexibilité et d´efficacité pour le stockage et le partage de vos données.
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decreases CO2 emissions

Green Orientation - E-Green

The ASUS E-Green drive automatically optimizes your drive’s power consumption. E-Green displays detailed information on power saved and CO2 reduced using the ASUS drive.

Show how much power saved

optimal tuning strategy

Superior Burning Quality - Optimal Tuning Strategy

With OTS, the drive will perform a test before really burning which generate the optimal burning strategy automatically for the best burning quality. The write parameters will be tuned automatically be drives based on the recorded write quality.

optimal tuning strategy

Advantage of OTS
  1. Cover both media and drive variations as well as operating temperature.
  2. Optimal write speed detection
  3. Total write quality improvement
  4. Extend the lifetime of drives
  5. Reduce the possibility to burn unplayable disks.
  6. Reduce coaster
auto vibration reducing system

Superior Burning Quality— Auto Vibration Reducing System

The AVRS technology is designed to minimize the vibration caused by the spindle motor and resonance between components as well as the drive and PC cases. AVRS is designed to reduce vibration and noise induced by unbalanced mass of rotating machinery. With AVRS, ASUS DRW-24B3ST/LT provides high readability and playability.

auto vibration reducing system

Advantage of AVRS
  1. Reducing Vibration and noise induced by unbalanced mass of rotating machinery
  2. Reducing Vibration and noise on traverse and drive case
  3. Enhanced Readability and Playability
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