[Notebook] Annonce de la fin du support logiciel ASUS


Nom du logiciel​ Type de logiciel Dernière Version
ASUS Battery Health Charging Win32 App 1.0.0004
ASUS Battery Health Charging  Store App
ASUS Camera Indicator Win32 App 1.0.0001
ASUS Five In A Row Store App
ASUS FlipLock Win32 App 1.0.23
ASUS FlipLock for UWP Store App
ASUS FlipLock *Note 1 Win32 App 1.0.10
ASUS Gaming Center Win32 App 1.0.7
ASUS HiPost Win32 App 1.0.8
ASUS Keyboard Lock Win32 App 1.0.14
ASUS LifeCam Store App
ASUS Product Registration Program Win32 App 2.0.0
ASUS Product Registration Program  Store App
ASUS Quick Launch Win32 App 1.0.7
ASUS Quick Launch  Store App
ASUS Smart Gesture Win32 App 4.0.24
ASUS Splendid Win32 App 3.17.0002
ASUS Touchpad Handwriting Win32 App 2.0.7
ASUS Touchpad Handwriting with KB Printing Win32 App 2.0.2
ASUS ZenLink Store App
ATK Package (ASUS Keyboard Hotkeys) Driver  1.0.0059
Chi Keyboard Power Win32 App 1.1.0
eManual Win32 App 1.0.7
Gaming Assistant Win32 App 1.0.3
MyASUS-Service Center Store App
PixelMaster Video HDR Win32 App 1.1.0
Quiet Fan Win32 App 1.0.6
ScreenPad Adobe Reader Sign Store App
ScreenPad Calculator Store App
ScreenPad Calendar Store App
ScreenPad for Spotify Store App
ScreenPad Handwriting Store App
ScreenPad Launcher Store App
ScreenPad Music Player Store App
ScreenPad Numkey Store App
ScreenPad Office Store App
ScreenPad Online Video Player Store App
ScreenPad Quick Key Store App
ScreenPad Toolbar Store App
USB Charger+ Win32 App 4.2.2
Winflash Win32 App
Smart Audio Store App *Note 2
ICEPower Driver *Note 3
ICEPower Win32 App *Note 3
AEGIS III Win32 App 3.11.16, *Note 3

Remarque 1 : Pour les modèles TP300LA / TP300LD / TP300LAB / TP300LDB / TP300LJ / Q302LAB / TP300UA / Q302UA / TP501UA / TP501UB.

Remarque 2 : Windows 11 n'est pas pris en charge.

Remarque 3 : Windows 11 22H2 ou la version ultérieure n'est pas pris en charge.



Nom du logiciel Type de logiciel Dernière Version
ASUS WiFi Projection Android and iOS 1.0
ASUS ZenBeam Go Android 20171120