Incredible in Sound

    • ASUS SonicMaster Technology co-developed with audio experts Bang & Olufsen ICEpower®
    • Instant On resumes the notebook in 2 seconds with 15-day standby
    • USB Charger+ supports device charging when powered off
    • The latest Intel® Core™ processors and ultra-fast USB 3.0 connectivity
      Incredible in Sound

      Fusing classical and post-modern design

      Simple yet sleek design by David Lewis creates a unique mood of sophisticated elegance and modernity, featuring piano-gloss covers and polished metal frames. The new N Series is also extremely user-focused, delivering comfortable soft-feel touchpads, fast-type keys with reinforced springs, and a smoothed-out integrated power button. Intelligent design and meticulous craftsmanship combine to embody a spirit of advanced computing and purely sensational simplicity.

      N series -Fusing classical and post-modern design

      Beautiful in every sense, the superior hardware and feature-rich software of new N Series notebooks create the ultimate computing experience, added to by amazing sound like you’ve never heard before on a notebook.

      USB Charger+ fast device recharging in any situation

      USB Charger+

      Power up mobile devices in less time and using lower energy consumption, even with the notebook turned off. USB Charger+ features a powered USB port with a direct connection to the notebook’s battery to make sure devices are recharged in a fraction of the time a traditional USB port would require, so you’re always charged up and in peak performance.

      Notebook audio elevated to new levels

      SonicMaster Technology

      Co-developed with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower® , ASUS SonicMaster Technology brings an evolution of notebook design with an exclusive combination of advanced hardware and software to create an immersive audio experience. Improved and refined for new N Series notebooks, it offers living audio with the most precise processing protocols and codecs, superior speaker construction and large resonance chambers for unforgettable enjoyment – it’s like going to a concert, the fidelity revitalizes vocals and every sound comes to life through professional enhancement. No more tinny notebook audio and noise distortion – welcome to an era of true hi-fi on PC. The bundled SonicMaster subwoofer adds superb deep note performance for even better audio output.

      HD camera included

      HD camera

      Reach out to the world in high definition with the integrated HD front-facing camera. Video calls, vlogs and video posting finally look great without compromise. Say goodbye to low-res and hello to a new phase of HD goodness, even in rooms with less than ideal light conditions

      Bundled SonicMaster subwoofer

      In addition to the already spectacular precision of SonicMaster audio, ASUS is offering an external subwoofer to increase low-note performance and result in even more impactful output. It enables a wider sound range, providing listeners with an even richer bass experience.

      SonicMaster subwoofer
      audio elevated to new levels

      ASUS Instant On powered by SHE II Technology

      Instant On

      Super Hybrid Engine II incorporates elements of its SHE predecessor and builds on the vitals of better battery performance. The Instant On feature allows notebooks to resume in under 2 seconds* and stay in standby for up to 15 days* . Importantly, should battery levels fall below 5%, data is automatically saved and secured on the hard drive*.

      *Resuming from hibernation on a mainstream notebook can typically take 30-60s.
      *Normal standby time before battery drains on mainstream notebooks is 3-5 days
      *Removing or draining the battery when a notebook is left in standby will lose the resume data and potentially a users work!

      Latest Intel® processors and USB 3.0


      The masterfully evolved performance of 2nd generation Intel® Core™ CPUs boosts multitasking and multimedia while maintaining an energy-efficient posture for prolonged battery life. Additionally, superfast USB 3.0 works up to ten times faster than USB 2.0 to transfer even the largest HD files in seconds.