Splendid "Super-Sonic"
    Multimedia Enjoyment

    • Elevate Your Aural Experience with SonicMaster Technology
    • Enhance Your Visual Enjoyment with Video Magic Technology
    • DX11 Support for Ultra-realistic Gaming Visuals
      Splendid Super-Sonic Multimedia Enjoyment

      ASUS Video Magic Technology boosts your graphic computing power

      Resolution enhancement to Full HD

      Get a whole new look with Video Magic, boosting refresh rates up to 72 frames per second to remove blur and artifacts, while upscaling standard DVDs to full 1080p with no slowdown.

      Video acceleration
      video magic

      New N Series notebooks feature ATI Stream GPU general processing for faster performance. Working together with graphics optimization suite Video Magic, these technologies accelerate multitasking and enable better quality multimedia so notebook users don’t have to settle for limited specs and slower speeds.

      ASUS Splendid optimizes colors for perfect images

      Another Video Magic component is exclusive ASUS Splendid, an imaging engine with five presets that bring out the liveliest colors, sharpest detail and starkest contrast – normal, theater, vivid color, gamma correction and soft mode. Video has never looks so good.

      zero-bright-dot guarantee*

      Video Magic makes visuals better on the finest quality LCD panels available, made and sold by ASUS with a 100% zero-bright-dot guarantee. No dead pixels and the absolute best image possible.
      *ASUS assures its users worldwide, guaranteeing notebook LCD panels with zero bright dots within 1 month warranty.

      Driven by advanced processor technology

      The N61DA offers the flexibility and power-efficient processing enabled by the newest AMD CPUs, as optimized and balanced for notebook PCs. These powerful processors feature the bandwidth and capacity users need to afford extensive multitasking and smooth operation in everything from intense productivity to multimedia and gaming.
      Available options include Turian II dual core CPUs, Phenom II three and four-core variants, and even the super-capable Phenom II X920 Black Edition quad core powerhouse. All of these combine with Direct X 11-compatible and Windows 7-optimized Radeon HD 5730 graphics for highly satisfying and responsive performance in today’s demanding applications.

      ASUS N Series Notebook - Splendid Super-Sonic Multimedia Enjoyment!

      Enjoy Powerful Audio Entertainment through SonicMaster technology

      Sonic master SRS premium sound

      The new ASUS N61DA is designed for audiophiles who desire multimedia entertainment while on-the-move.To further enhance and deliver the best audio experience, a marriage of both hardware and software innovations were required. SonicMaster audio technology was developed by highly-trained audio experts from ASUS’ Research and Development team, and fine-tunes sound energy, noise balance, volume and dynamic sound range, minimizes environmental interference and sound distortion, and enhances sound separation. Superior chamber design with outputs of 2.5 watts and measuring 21cc in volume, together with 2-channel Altec Lansing speakers deliver pitch-perfect audio quality that brings multimedia to life.