Put the Power in Your Hands

    • Supercharged performance: Powered by a Super Hybrid Engine-boosted standard voltage Intel® Core™ i3 or i5 processor
    • Super long battery life: Super Hybrid Engine extends battery life to 11.5 hours for all-day, on-the-go computing
    • Super slim design with superlative audio capabilities: Delivers high fidelity sound through Altec Lansing® speakers despite coming in at under an inch thick

      Propel your productivity and entertainment to a new level with the ASUS U35/U45 notebook—an ultra-slim and energy-efficient powerhouse that accelerates your daily computing tasks without weighing you down. When it comes to supreme speed and sleek style, nothing else comes close.

      Supercharged Performance

      Thanks to a unique thermal design developed by ASUS’ engineers, the U35/U45 notebook is able to sport a standard voltage Intel® Core™ i3 or i5 processor while still maintaining its svelte, streamlined profile. These are already very capable processors in its own right, but ASUS has never been content with baseline performance. ASUS’ exclusive Super Hybrid Engine pushes them beyond their conventional limits—by as much as 10%*—ensuring that the U35/U45 runs CPU-intensive tasks like games and high definition movies without breaking a sweat. And it does this without sacrificing any stability!
      *- For more information, visit http://event.asus.com/2010/she_legal_disclaimer

      U series put the Power in your hands

      ASUS U35 U45 notebook video

      Super Long Battery Life

      Super Hybrid Engine (SHE)

      As an urban professional, you’re constantly on the move, and having a notebook that can keep up with you is of absolute importance. That’s why the U35/U45 features not one, but two energy-optimizing technologies that work in concert to ensure that the notebook stays running for an incredible 11.5 hours! Super Hybrid Engine intelligently cuts back on power when the notebook is performing less demanding tasks, while NVIDIA® Optimus™ technology auto-switches between the dedicated GeForce G310M and integrated GPU to suit the intensity of the graphics being rendered—making sure that not an ounce of energy is wasted!

      Super Slim Design with Superlative Audio Capabilities

      SRS Premium Surround Sound Altec Lansing speakers

      For all its multimedia muscle, the ASUS U35/U45 is astonishingly sleek, coming in at under an inch thick and measuring just 14.8mm at its thinnest point. An elegant brushed aluminum lid keeps it extremely light too. Despite its slimness, the audio the U35/U45 delivers is far from weak. On the contrary, a pair of Altec Lansing® speakers, complemented by SRS Premium Sound™ technology, produces full-bodied high fidelity audio that will tantalize the most discerning of listeners.

      So for the winning formula of performance, design and energy savings, look no further than the U35/U45 notebook—the Undisputed leader of the pack!
      *The thinness of the notebook is under an inch when measured on average.