ASUS recommends Windows 10 Pro for business



    Business Pros

    • Reliable: subjected to stringent quality tests and built-in anti-shock hard drive
    • Security: features smart card access, finger-print readers, and optional TPM
    • Performance: Sonata® long life 900-charge cycle battery - three times the traditional Li-ion battery life cycle
    • User-friendly features: ASUS Xpress Charge - quick charges to 90% capacity in just 90 minutes. Detachable docking station, and multitask on up to three displays
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      ASUSPRO Quality You Can Rely on

      ASUSPRO B Series notebooks are designed especially for small to medium-sized businesses. With B43 and B53 models, ASUS provides quality-tested technologies and innovative business enablers.

      Top Quality Commercial Notebooks

      ASUSPRO B Series notebooks are all strictly quality tested to surpass industry standards, surviving drop tests, hinge test cycles and panel pressure testing.

      Drop tested
      Hinge tested
      Pressure tested panels
      Anti-shock hard drive
      More than double the drop height of consumer notebook standards Surpass consumer notebook standards Panel pressure tests that are 20 percent more than consumer notebook standards With ASUS Shockshield motion sensors andanti-shock cushions

      Never Again Worry About Shocks and Spilled Drinks

      Durable anti-shock hard drives

      Confidential data stays safe and secure with ASUS ShockShield motion sensors and shock absorbing cushions that mitigate the risk of damage during transport — ensuring data stays secure and safe.

      Confidential data stays safe and secure with ASUS ShockShield

      B53 spill-proof keyboard repels up to 120cc of liquid

      Spill-resistant keyboard build and a drain system that funnels liquids through the bottom of the notebook mean a highly survivable PC

      Worry-Free Security

      Smart card access, fingerprint readers and optional TPM

      Strict gatekeeping and privacy controls to guarantee only authorized users have access to important files.

      ASUS Secure Delete - permanently erases sensitive data
      ASUS Secure Delete

      An easy-to-use interface that allows you to permanently remove confidential data from the recycle bin. Simply launch Secure Delete and drag and drop the files to be deleted.

      Theft Protection with LoJack for Laptops and Intel® Anti-Theft Technology

      Sold separately, LoJack for Laptops gives you the ability to lock, delete, locate and recover your stolen laptop, while Intel® Anti-Theft Technology provides additional security with remote system disabling. When the laptop is recovered, it can be easily reactivated and returned to normal operation.

      Intelligent Performance

      2nd generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors

      ASUSPRO B43S and B53S models are powered by 2nd generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors to take intelligent client computing to the next level—maximizing hardware-assisted security, simplifying PC management, and providing more responsive, adaptive performance.

      Eco-friendly battery with ASUS Xpress Charge
      Eco-friendly battery with ASUS Xpress Charge

      First commercial notebooks to include Boston-Power® Sonata long life battery technology as a standard feature, offering three times the life cycle of traditional Li-ion batteries, while ASUS Xpress Charge technology recharges the notebook to 90% in just 90 minutes.

      ASUS USB Charger+
      ASUS USB Charger+

      Quick-charge your mobile devices in no time. ASUSPRO B Series notebooks with USB 3.0 allow you to easily charge your smartphones, MP3 players and other portable devices even when the notebook is powered off or in sleep or hibernate modes. Simple, easy and convenient.

      Ease of Use Features

      ASUS Power Station II

      Uncompromising, expansive connectivity through a detachable docking station that allows for the quick connection of peripherals, communication devices, and power cables.

      ASUS Power Station II
      Presentations made better with ASUS Scene Switch

      Easily switch wallpapers, mute settings, output modes, hide desktop icons and disable screensavers through a single hotkey — ensuring you’re presentation-ready at a touch.

      ASUS Power Recovery

      Backup and recover the system at any time with this powerful tool that helps protect your computer from crashes and hard drive failures. Restoring the system with a precision backup image is fast, easy and always reliable.

      ASUS Power Recovery
      Business card holder

      Integrated into the notebook itself for easy access and storage.

      Business card holder

      Comfortable Computing

      Clear display even in bright environments

      Glare-proof screens use advanced panel layering manufacturing methods that allow users to see and read with comfort and clarity even under bright lights. This is particularly useful when outdoors.

      Quieter computing with Power4Gear quiet office mode

      ASUS Power4Gear fully self-adjusts fan speeds to significantly reduce noise, providing the most comfortable user experience.

      ASUS Launches the User-Tunable Xonar Essence One Plus Edition

      the ASUS Xonar Essence One external digital-analog converter (DAC) and headphone amplifier earned considerable critical acclaim, winning a 2012 CES Innovations Award in the audio component category with the industry's only 8x symmetrical upsampling...


      ASUS Unveils the ROG Maximus V Extreme Z77-Based Motherboard

      Among all Intel® Z77-based motherboards, the ASUS ROG Maximus V Extreme takes overclocking and competitive benchmarking the furthest, supporting the full range of 2nd and 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors...


      The ASUS Transformer Pad Design Story

      NULLAlways at the forefront of technology, ASUS has proven with its Transformer Pad family of tablets that they are in tune with what consumers require from their mobile devices. Launched in March 2011, the Eee Pad Transformer showed ASUS' ingenuity and innovative thinking with the Mobile Dock design...