ESC2000 Personal SuperComputer

    ESC2000 Personal SuperComputer

    Unleash Your GPU's Computing Power

    Extreme Super Computer ESC2000 supports dual Intel® Xeon® Processor 5600 series and 18-DIMM slots with up to 48/144GB high scalability for memory intensive applications, which provides a leading-edge foundation for boosting up parallel computing performance. Designed for professionals in Life/Medical Sciences, Engineering & Sciences, Financial modeling and EDA & Visualization, the ESC2000 has up to 896 GPU cores to cope with the challenges of specific precise calculation tasks.
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      Unleash Your GPU’s Computing Power

      Leading-edge and Advanced System Architecture

      • Support dual latest Intel® Xeon® Processor 5600 series with Intel® Core™ Microarchitecture Platform Architecture with significant performance leap
      • Support 18-DIMM slots and up to 48/144GB high scalability for memory intensive applications; and DDR3 module has higher speed and bandwidth and lower power consumption
      • Support two Tesla C2050 GPUs (graphics processing units) on full PCI-e Gen2 x16 link slots, up to 1.03 teraflops double precision performance

      High Storage Capacity with Flexible Configuration

      • ESC2000 is designed with four HDD bays to support SAS or SATA HDD
      • Optional ASUS PIKE meets the various RAID functionality requirements

      Pedestal & 5U Rack-mount Use

      • High-end server features in one compact enclosure
      • Be Rack-mountable for space-saving

      High Reliability

      • 1100W 80+ Golden Level power supply delivers reliable and high power efficient capability
      • Hot-swap HDD design allows HDD replacement without downtime

      Versatile Usage with Flex-E Technology

      • Flex-E technology allows automatic switch between one PCI-E x16 and two PCI-E x8
      • PCI-E 2.0 x16 slot is ready for professional graphic card support
      • ASUS unique MIO Audio card will deliver exhilarating surround sound for professional and entertainment usage

      Remote Control & Management

      • Optional ASMB4-iKVM module offers advanced server management
      • KVM-over internet provides OS-independent manageability
      • Ideal for remote office applications