Flagship UP tower server with flexible expandability

    The TS300-E7/PS4 is a single-socket pedestal server system based on quad/dual-Core Intel® E3-1200/ Core™ i3-2100 processors and the Intel® C204PCH chipset with support for up to 32GB DDR3 1333MHz unbuffered ECC memory. This provides immediate performance upscaling and higher processing speeds. With 2 native SATA 6Gb/s ports, 4 hot-swap hard drive trays and ASUS PIKE cards, the TS300-E7/PS4 delivers improved data transfer rates, more flexible storage expansion and complete RAID for SMB users.
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      Flagship pedestal server with high flexibilty and green design

      The latest Intel® CPUs

      The TS300-E7/PS4 is ready for the latest generation of Intel® Xeon® 32nm quad/dual-core UP processors, which offer a significant performance improvement over previous generation CPUs. Meanwhile, Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 provides an efficient, dynamic and intelligent way to enhance performance on demand.

      Quad Intel® server-class Gigabit LAN

      Quad Intel® Gigabit LAN with teaming doubles bandwidth over standard dual LAN servers and supports better fault tolerance technology. Also, load balancing handles traffic for stronger and faster networking. IPv6 readiness resolves upcoming IPv4 address shortages even before they occur, hassle-free.

      ASUS PIKE upgrade kit for SAS storage

      The TS300-E7/PS4 offers optional and exclusive PIKE upgrade kits for users to boost storage from SATA to SAS. Multiple I/O options and the slim, flexible PIKE card let users switch to SAS RAID without sacrificing expansion capabilities.

      Flex-E technology for server/workstation dual use

      ASUS Flex-E provides flexible PCI-E configurations and auto-switching between a single PCI-E x16 link (graphics card supported) and twin PCI-E x8 link (for I/O expansion), allowing the product to work as a workstation for servers. FCC Class B certification and the optional rack mount kit make the TS300-E7/PS4 perfect as either a pedestal or 5U rack, and suitable for personal use or office applications.

      Considerate tool-less design

      To minimize maintenance hassles, the TS300-E7/PS4 uses a tool-less design in several components, including back fan module, optical devices, and PCI-E/hard drive cages. These reduce the time and effort MIS needs to allocate for maintenance.

      Optional ASMB5-iKVM upgrade kit for easy management

      Optional ASMB5-iKVM upgrade kits provide BIOS-level remote real-time control of the system via keyboard, monitor and mouse (KVM over Ethernet) from any local computer.

      Optional ASUS TPM module

      Supporting TXT technology, the ASUS TPM module helps stop Trojan and malware incursions. With Hypervisor active on start-up, users are protected from software attacks and data stays safe from memory snooping.

      80+ energy saving power supply

      The TS300-E7/PS4 ships with an 80+ bronze power supply to reduce power loss and power consumption, saving users money through lower energy bills.

      RoHS and Energy Star compliance

      Both product and packaging meet the strictest environmental standards in line with the ASUS vision of creating green, environmentally-friendly and recyclable technology to safeguard consumer health while minimizing ecological impact.

      Designed for virtualization

      Virtualization provides central management, reducing power consumption, cooling costs and space requirements. With an onboard vertical USB connector designed for VMWare® ESXi, it’s easy to make the most of virtualization.