ZenFone 4 Zen Case

    ZenFone 4 Zen Case

    Dress your ZenFone 4 with colorful cover case

    • One-piece, impact resistant hardened plastic protects your phone.
    • You can easily match your daily style and change the color to fit your preference. There's no need to buy a new phone, just replace the rear cover with a quick snap!
      Product Image
      Five vibrant colors that can personalize your phone with a simple and removable rear cover.

      Express your Attitude with colorful mobility

      Developed with the Zen philosophy in mind, ZenFone also knows what you need. The ZenFone family comes with a wide range of accessories, designed to protect your phone and improve your experience, perfectly combining style and durability. Tough but very tactile materials let the ZenFone accessories protect and perfectly accompany your device - you just choose your favorite style and color.

      Zen Case is an interchangeable color case that perfectly fits ZenFone’s body. Multiple colors are available to match the multi-colored ASUS ZenUI options, allowing you to personalize your phone so it reflects your mood and personality. The silky-smooth finish and the neat circular arc are designed for a luxurious, comfortable feel - heighten your senses with a protective Zen Case.