Talk to the World for Free

    Enhance the Value of your PC with Little Cost to Deliver Great Phone Application and Customer Benefits. Make your PC able to talk though your home phone.

      Talk to the World for Free
      The TA-CP400 is a highly integrated application. It allows you to make PC VoIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol) and traditional PSTN calls. It makes your original house phone capable of dual mode telephoning, PSTN and Skype, and even allows Skype call forwarding, Skype Conference, and speed-dial. This card is specially designed for PC embedded to enhance PC's value. Your house phone attached to it would become a small phone center.

      ASUS Voice Mail
      You don't need to pay a penny to service provider for Voicemail. You don't need to worry about the space for message reserved. Any unpicked phone calls leave a message on your PC.
      Support Skype Call forwarding
      Any unanswered Skype call can be forwarded to desired number.
      Phone book management
      You can easily manage your phonebook and filter out any undesired calls by TALKY-GURU.
      Skype Conference and Call waiting
      This product allows your phone to make Skype Conference and call waiting.

      Dial tone and greeting customization
      This product allows you to personalize you own dial tone and greeting message. The managing interface is so easy that you can quickly get on with it.