For Silent Mini Towers

    CPU Support
    Intel® Core™2 Extreme/ Core™2 Duo/ Pentium® D (Dual-core)
    Intel® Pentium® 4 HT/Celeron® D all series
    Fan Speed 2,300 rpm ± 10% with PWM
    Material Cu. Base + Al. Fins + 4 Heat Pipes
    For Silent Mini Towers

    Advantages and Benefits

    Balance between Performance and Acoustics
    PWM function automatically adjusts rotation speed according to CPU temperature and delivers a quiet cooling at a mere 16dBA

    High-Performance and Compact
    "Ladder-Shaped" fins on both sides enlarge heat exchange area for efficient cooling while maintaining its compact design

    The V-60 supports the Intel® Pentium® D Dual-Core CPU and all Intel® Pentium® 4 LGA775 CPUs. Four copper heat pipes conduct heat away from the heatsink for fast heat dissipation

    Inner Fan Technology
    The fan is positioned inside the frame for maximum airflow. VRM shield guides cool air to critical components around the CPU for reliable computing

    Copper Base + 4 heat pipes - Better heat transfer

    Ladder-Shaped Fins - Effective Heat Dissipation

    Spring Screw- Ensure stable installation

    Stylish - Mirror finish with ASUS Logo

    Installation Requirement