ASUS AiProtection for Your Home Network Security

ASUS Routers with AiProtection

Commercial-Grade Security for Home Network

Protecting each router 1.5 times a day

Security is a Priority

Every day, you rely on your mobile devices to manage and access personal data, but you're unlikely to notice if your privacy has been secretly compromised. With increasing numbers of households adopting IOT devices and becoming aware of threats like ransomware, the need for at-home internet security has never been higher.

AiProtection provides comprehensive security from start-to-finish, covering initial setup, everyday coverage and even post-infection blocking.

Simple Security Checking

With just a few simple steps, ASUS AiProtection performs a 14-point inspection of your network's critical security settings. If any are found to be insecure you'll see helpful suggestions on how to fix them with ease. You can even perform this security scan directly from the ASUS Router app !

  • Password Strength

  • Infected Device Prevention

  • Vulnerability Protection

  • Malicious Site Blocking

Security Scan
Improved Protection

Improved Protection Against Attacks

Built into your ASUS router, the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) in AiProtection provides multi-point protection for every connected device on your network and blocks all common internet-based attacks. Automated regular and time-sensitive AiProtection updates ensure that you always have the most up-to-date protection.

Block Access to Malicious Websites

Many malicious websites look perfectly normal, but have hidden threats that silently install themselves while you're browsing. For worry-free web surfing, ASUS AiProtection checks and blocks sites against Trend Micro's official database, preventing infection even before you click.

Infected Device Detection and Connection Blocking

Even the most robust protection can't account for when Aunt Janie comes over and double-clicks every attachment in her email. The good news is that even if her laptop gets infected, AiProtection's infected device detection prevents her personal information from being transmitted to a malicious server.

Infected Device Detection

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*According to Trend Micro™ Smart Home Network solution, over 3 million potentially vulnerable connections were blocked during 2016 Q1.