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    ASUSPRO P5430U

    ASUSPRO P5430U



    The ASUSPRO P5430 ultraportable laptop is designed for small and medium businesses. It offers affordable reliability, with a light and slim design that starts at 1.7kg (with battery). They are reinforced and reliability-proven by much higher standard testing than mainstream notebooks. This includes drop tests, hinge cycle tests and panel pressure tests. Experience higher productivity gains from the latest Intel® Core™ processors. Additional security measures include TPM and fingerprint scanner.

    Designed for Professionals

    Corporate non-IT Staff

    Corporate non-IT staff who need essential features and stable operation for productivity

    Government or Education Professionals

    Government or education professionals requiring security and data protection

    Small Business

    Small businesses with controlled budgets that demand durable high-end performance

    Ultraportable, subtle & stylish

    Ultraportable, subtle & stylish

    Starting from 1.7kg, the P5430U uses a one-piece build, creating a subtle and completely consistent look. The design extends to the underside and removes unneeded clutter with a hairline stylish brushed finish.

    True-comfort and Spill-proof Keyboard

    True-comfort and spill-proof keyboard for increased productivity

    Business places great importance on keyboards, as they are vital for professional communications. That's why ASUS engineers have fine-tuned the P5430U's keyboard, providing better click ratios and 2.3mm travel distance to maintain comfort during long hours of work. The keyboard is also spill-proof too which means it can withstand any accidental beverage spillage.

    Bigger Multi-Gesture Touchpad

    Bigger Multi-Gesture Touchpad

    Easier to use and more precise input with scroll, rotate, and zoom capabilities. This intuitive input option effectively replaces the mouse while its multi-touch input allows effortless accuracy, including two-finger web page scroll, image zoom/rotate and three finger tapping to mimic a right-click. Workflow is therefore streamlined with gesture control, especially for multi-step tasks such as presentations and research projects.

    Bigger Multi-Gesture Touchpad
    Anti-glare Display

    Anti-glare display for comfortable viewing

    Matte screen materials prevent unwanted reflections to reduce eye fatigue. They also stop unsightly fingerprint smudges for more attractive presentations. To prolong productivity, ergonomic, textured, palm rest areas provide a pleasant and solid feel so you can keep working without slowing down.

    Business Reinforced

    Your business reinforced

    ASUSPRO™ reliability testing standards beyond industry standards.

    Business and organizational users demand higher standards and greater reliability, that's why ASUSPRO P series notebooks are strictly quality-tested to much higher industry standards then mainstream notebooks. The tests have proven the ASUSPRO P series notebooks as highly durable in drop tests, hinge cycle tests and panel pressure testing.
    Enhanced Drop Testing
    Enhanced drop testing

    More than double the drop height of standard notebooks

    Enhanced Pressure Testing
    Enhanced pressure testing

    Up to 20% higher endurance compared to normal notebooks

    Stronger Hinge Testing
    Stronger hinge testing

    20,000 more cycles than standard notebook testing

    Spill Resistant Keyboard
    Spill-resistant keyboard

    Occasional liquid spillages are no longer a problem

    Worry-free security

    Worry-free security

    Improved privacy with fingerprint scanning

    Notebooks incorporating fingerprint scanning take data access authorization and protection to a higher level with a personal touch. RF electronic scanner imaging reads fingerprint patterns, using sensors that are less affected by skin surface conditions, including dry, worn, calloused, dirty or oily skin, which may impair the ability of other sensor technologies to accurately detect fingerprints.
    Trusted Platform Module for Robust, Hardware-Based Security

    Trusted Platform Module for Robust, Hardware-Based Security

    Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a hardware chip integrated on the motherboard that securely encrypts data, reducing the risks posed by hackers looking to capture password and encryption keys to sensitive data. TPM adds an additional layer of security and allows notebooks to run applications more securely, making transactions and communications more trustworthy. When used in conjunction with an optional security software package, it provides greatly improved overall system security, file protection capabilities, and email/privacy safeguards. TPM enables stronger security than that delivered by the BIOS, operating system, or any non-TPM application.

    Easy & Total Connectivity
    Easy & Total Connectivity
    One-piece Service Door
    One Piece Service Door
    High Productivity and Steamed Management

    High Productivity and Steamed Management

    Intelligent Manageability: ASUSPRO Business Center for PC management Is a new computing platform in one simple package comprising hardware, software and firmware that provides unique security as well as productivity capabilities. It is designed to provide simplified management and maintenance to meet the needs of small businesses without a managed IT environment so they can focus more on their business.

    Wake-on-LAN(WOL) Allows PCs to be turned on by a Simple Network Message

    Wake-on-LAN(WOL) Allows PCs to be turned on by a Simple Network Massage

    ASUSPRO B series have a built-in hardware module on the motherboard that supports Wake-on-LAN (WOL). This allows them to be powered on or woken from sleep mode by a network message via LAN or WAN connections. This feature is invaluable for remote PC maintenance and support.

    Green ASUS

    Green ASUS

    ASUS leads the industry in eco-friendly processes, minimizing environmental impact with an initiative dubbed Green ASUS. It covers four areas: green design, green manufacturing, green procurement, and green services. ASUS is focused on safeguarding our planet with responsible products, and the ASUSPRO Series succeeds in combining a lower total cost of ownership with the highest environmental standards. It is fully EPEAT, Energy Star, and RoHS-certified.