Simplified installation

Streamlined image deployment process

Image deployment involves creating a comprehensive snapshot of a computer's operating system, applications, and settings, serving as a blueprint for deployment across devices. ASUS pre-image services accelerate the process with effortless access, deployment and recovery.
Benefit of ASUS pre-image services services - Efficient IT management
Efficient IT management
Streamlines IT management by reducing the complexity of deploying and maintaining multiple devices.
Benefit of ASUS pre-image services services - Rapid deployment
Rapid deployment
Enhance operational efficiency and reduce deployment times with faster device provisioning.
Benefit of ASUS pre-image services services - Flexible customization
Flexible customization
Can be tailored to include specific applications or settings based on organizational needs.

Simplified custom image deployment

Various image loading options are available, including a clean image with no additional software or a stable OS for error-free provisioning. This independent solution is ready for order and accessible via the cloud.

ASUS Image Maker (IM)

A one-stop cloud service with a handy customizable image tool for IT managers to easily create custom, ready-to deploy Windows OS images. Its intuitive interface allows for effortless customization of system settings, drivers, and applications to meet specific needs and achieve optimal performance.
•    Instant custom image deployment during manufacture
•    Reduce third-party software installation time for SI/VAR
•    Reduce Windows OS bloatware complaints


This is designed to provide organizations with a pure Windows operating-system environment, without OEM software.
•    Build commercial images for business continuity management
•    Reduce Windows OS bloatware complaints
•    Provide a basic and safe image for business
•    Reduce system installation time for SI/VAR



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