華碩P3B 攜式行動電源LED投影機, WXGA(1280×800)解析度,內置12000mAh電池,長達3小時投影,多媒體播放器
  • 採用 800 流明長效型 LED 光源,呈現同級最佳 HD 視覺效果。
  • 極短焦鏡頭可投影大至 200 吋 (3.4m)、小至 25 吋 (0.45m) 的影像。
  • 內建 12,000mAh 電池,投影時間最長可達 3 小時,也可用來當作行動電源為行動裝置充電。
  • ASUS 無線接收器讓您無線運用簡報和媒體串流。
  • 透過 HDMI/MHL 或 VGA,投影 USB 隨身碟、microSD 記憶卡(最大支援 32 GB)、內部儲存空間等各種裝置上的內容。
  • 無需透過電腦即可運用 Office Viewer 與 Multimedia Playback 呈現影片、相片或音樂。
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ASUS P3B Ultra-Short-Throw Battery-Powered Projector is a lightweight and compact projector with a footprint about the size of a CD case, so it fits easily into a briefcase or bag. The brightest battery-powered portable LED projector available, P3B provides crisp WXGA 1280 x 800 resolution images with a maximum brightness of 800 lumens. Its built-in rechargeable battery gives you up to 3 hours of cable-free projection time and also doubles as a 12,000mAh power bank for charging mobile devices.

A ultra-short-throw lens lets the P3B project images measuring from 25 inches (0.45m) to 200 inches (3.4m) at very close range. The P3B is designed to be used anywhere – outdoors while camping, in a home theater, or in small meeting rooms.

Bright, Crisp Projections

800 Lumens LED Light Source

ASUS P3B LED Projector features an 800 lumens light output and 100% NTSC color gamut to deliver sharp and vivid WXGA 1280 x 800 visuals. The mercury-free Eco-LED light source has a 30,000-hour lifespan to cut down on bulb-replacement costs.

Ultimate Mobility

Compact CD Case-Sized Design

The ultra-slim and compact ASUS P3B tips the scales at just 750g, and has a desktop footprint similar to a CD case (153.5 x 43 x 131.2mm). So it's totally portable and fits perfectly in your bag!

Battery-Powered for Cable-Free Projection

ASUS P3B's built-in rechargeable battery gives you up to 3* hours of cable-free projection time; it means you're free to set up the projector wherever you want without having to worry where the nearest power socket is.
* The battery has a lifespan and ages every time when it charged and discharged.

12000mAh Power Bank Design

ASUS P3B can also serve as a power bank to charge your mobile devices even when it is turned off. The powerful 12000mAh capacity means it can charge your mobile devices several times.

Quick, Convenient Setup

Ultra-Short-Throw for Images up to 200 inches

With its ultra-short-throw lens, the ASUS P3B provides projected images measuring from 25 inches to 200 inches at very close distances. This lets you turn any large flat vertical surface into a display, and makes it perfect for presentations in confined spaces

Screen Size (inches) 30 40 58 80 100 120 200
Projection Distance (meters) 0.51 0.7 1 1.4 1.7 2 3.4
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1m 2m 3.4m

Projection Distance

Instant Height Adjustment

ASUS P3B features instant height adjustment thanks to a two-level flip-down stand that can be quickly adjusted to suit the task at hand; this saves you lots of time compared to messing around with fiddly traditional adjustable screw-stands.

Tilt Up Tilt Down

Auto Keystone Correction

An Auto Keystone Correction feature ensures you get perfect projections by detecting the ASUS P3B's orientation and automatically correcting distorted images from angled projections.

The One Power Adapter Business Combo

To further lighten your load, it works with most* ASUS notebook AC power adapters (≧65W). One notebook and projector sharing a single power adapter makes it the ideal business presentation combo or multimedia platform.
* Power adapter compatibility is subject to change without notice. Please kindly check your power adapter before purchase.

Instant On/Off

ASUS P3B has an instant On/Off capability as there is no need for the LED light source to warm up or cool down. This means your ideas, your videos, or your pictures can be shared in a jiffy.

Project in a Variety of Ways

ASUS P3B has an optional Wi-Fi adapter for a direct wireless connection to a notebook PC, or Android devices. This removes the need to carry a video cable solely for presentation use, and allows presentations, documents and multimedia files to be streamed to the P3B wirelessly. The ASUS Wi-Fi Projection software provides advanced “Split Screen Control”, to allow users to choose two or four split screens from smartphone, tablets or laptops.

Download ASUS WiFi Projection APP

For Android

Extensive Connectivity

ASUS P3B features HDMI/MHL and VGA ports to provide maximum compatibility with external devices. It lets you conduct presentations even without a PC. It gives you access to documents and multimedia files stored in your microSD card and USB storage device, as well as files saved in its 2GB of storage space.

It can charge MHL-enabled devices while simultaneously projecting their content. Users need not worry about their mobile device running out of charge while in the middle of a presentation.

* For a full MHL-enabled product list, please see www.mhlconsortium.org

Immersive Audio

ASUS Technology with Built-in Speaker

ASUS P3B provides exceptional sound through its exclusive ASUS SonicMaster-enhanced speaker. This gives it high fidelity sound for a truly cinematic audio-visual experience.

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