Ultra tömör & nagy teljesítményű, mégis megfizethető

    A legújabb technológiát használva, az ASUS AP1600R-E2 eleget tesz a fogyasztóink legmagasabb igényeinek is.
    Ultra-dense & high-performance yet affordable

    Tomorrow's Technology That You Can Buy Today
    Adopting the latest technology, ASUS AP1600R-E2 is able to meet the most demanding performance for our customers. From dual Intel® Xeon TM CPU, Intel® E7320 MCH, Intel® 6300ESB ICH, DDR333 ECC/Reg memory to PCI-Express, each function of AP1600R-E2 has fulfilled the criteria and meets the leading technology trends.

    Strong I/O Capacity
    Powerful 2 SATA hotswappable HDD
    Broadcom BCM5721 PCI-Express
    Broadcom BCM5705E PCI Gigabit Ethernet controller
    4 x USB 2.0 in total

    Cool computing Environment
    With advanced heat-dissipation design, ASUS has successfully resolved the critical thermal problem which has made dual Intel® Xeon™ 1U platform seemed impossible in the past. Because two processors emit a large amount of heat that requires efficient cooling systems, especially in the limited space of 1U chassis, the AP1600R-E2 incorporates an advanced thermal design that includes four 56x 28mm and three 28x 28mm powerful blowing fans and two specially designed copper heat sinks for optimal ventilation..

    One Purchase Global Service
    The AP1600R-E2 is an electrical engineering masterpiece. Teaming it with ASUS' rigorous quality testing and exclusive ASWM (ASUS System Web-Based Management) software and the global Advanced Replacement Service (ARS), the all-new ASUS server is your ideal solution.

    Key Specifications:
    Processor: Dual Intel® Xeon™ with 800MHz FSB up to 3.6GHz
    Chipset: Intel® E7320 MCH, Intel® 6300ESB ICH
    Memory: Dual-Channel PC2700 ECC/Reg up to 8GB
    Expansion slot: 1 x full height PCI-X 66MHz/64bits
    Onboard LAN: 1 x Broadcom BCM5721 PCI-Express
    1 x Broadcom BCM5705 PCI Gigabit Ethernet controller
    2 Hot swappable SATA (RAID 0, 1)