AP1600R-E2(CS3) dual Intel® Xeon™ szerver helytakarékos 1U házban. Dual Intel® Xeon™ 16G DDR333 RAM-mal plusz integrált SCSI vezérlővel alkotja ezt a nagyszerű teljesítményű 1U szervert.
      Luxuriousness is not only in appearance but
      in functionality

      AP1600R-E2(CS3) dual Intel® Xeon™ server encased in a space-saving 1U chassis. Dual Intel® Xeon™ with up to 16G DDR333 RAM plus on board SCSI controller accomplish this ultimate 1U performance server. The most luxurious is not only in appearance, but in functionality with an affordable price for next generation 1U system.

      Ultimate in Expansibility and Upgrade
      Dual Intel® Xeon™ with up to 16G DDR333 RAM and 3 SCSI HDDs enabled by onboard SCSI controller provide both strong calculating ability and plenty of data storage. One 64-bit full-length and full-height PCI-X slot ensures expandability for the future while fast dual Ethernet connection supporting 1Gb/s as well as 10/100Mbps speed provide efficient bandwidth for network communication. Six front panel LEDs reveal system status in an easy and obvious way while slim CDROM and FDD help driver installation. AP1600R-E2 (CS3) - this new generation system gives all without the need of thinking upgrading.

      Proven Thermal Solution with Tool-less System Fan
      AP1600R-E2 (CS3) has proven thermal solution with tool-less system fans. Under severe dual CPUs environment, 8 fans produce strong airflow so the operation temperature is way under critical point. Tool-less fan design eases the loading of system maintenance. No screws are needed for assembling system fans in this model - saving time on installing and removing fans.

      Data Security
      AP1600R-E2 (CS3) offers an optional featured zero-channel RAID (ZCR) card. For limited 1U server expansion slot, ZCR card does not occupy an onboard PCI slot and still support RAID 0, 1, and 5. Further more, ZCR is much cheaper than a single-channel or dual-channel RAID card. With embedded SCSI controller on board, ZCR card will be the best cost effective RAID solution comparing with traditional expensive RAID card.

      User friendly and Innovative Mechanical Designs
      The machine can be easily mounted on the rack by using just 2 thumb screws and innovative 4pcs rack mount kit which is less complex and more convenient than traditional 6pcs design. Top cover can be also easily opened by loosing just 2 thumb screws which saves MIS's efforts on regular system maintenance.

      Key Specifications:
      Dual Intel® Xeon™ processors with L2 1M cache up to 3.6GHz
      DDR333 ECC registered system memory up to 16GB
      1 x full-height full-length 64-bit/133MHz/3.3V PCI-X slot
      Supports 3 x hot swap SCSI HDDs
      Dual-Channel Ultra 320 SCSI controller
      2 x Gbps LANs