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    Az AP1720-E2 munkaállomás a legújabb dual-Xeon (Nocona mag) architektúrát használja gyors 800MHz front-side-bus-szal (FSB) míg az egyre elterjedtebb költséghatékonyabb DDR 400 memóriát és AGP 8x grafikai interface-t támogat.
    All in One - Maturity, Availability and Scalability

    ASUS Introduces Cost-Effective Workstation with Dual-Xeon Architecture and 800MHz FSB

    AP1720-E2 supports DDR 400 and AGP 8x for system upgrade without spending extra on new memory modules and graphics card

    AP1720-E2 workstation adopted the latest dual-Xeon (Nocona core) architecture with fast 800MHz front-side-bus (FSB) while supporting the more available and more cost-effective DDR 400 memory and AGP 8x graphics interface.

    Latest processing technology
    The AP1720-E2 supports the dual-Xeon (Nocona) platform and features 800MHz FSB with built-in 1MB L2 cache to handle the most performance-intensive applications. With the Intel EM64T chipset, the AP1720-E2 runs both 32-bit and 64-bit software programs, providing the versatility to upgrade to 64-bit computing while still able to enjoy investments made on current 32-bit applications.

    Cost-effective support for memory and graphics
    With prices for the latest DDR2 memory and PCI Express graphics core remain high, average users, who do not need top-of-the-line performance, are reluctant to invest in new memory modules and graphics cards to enjoy the speed of 800MHz FSB. Supporting DDR 400 and AGP 8x, both more cost-effective and more readily available in the market, the AP1720-E2 provides users high-speed 800MHz system bus without the need to upgrade memory and graphics hardware.
    Multiple Applications

    The AP1720-E2 provides several storage options depending on different user requirements. Choose up to 8 highly hot-swappable SCSI hard drives or 4 economical hot-swappable Serial ATA hard drives with embedded Host RAID (RAID0,1, 0+1) functions. The workstation also leveraged Gigabit LAN and IEEE 1394 technologies for high-speed network connection and fast data transfer between peripherals. Moreover, the tool-less fixer design for PCI add-on cards, 5.25-inch devices and system fans simplified the system building and maintenance process.

    Server maintenance from remote locations
    Besides reliable hardware design, a convenient management system is also extremely important. ASWM (ASUS System Web-based Management) 2.0 is a mobile management tool that allows MIS engineers to conveniently and remotely monitor, manage and upgrade server and workstation systems. Traditional solutions for system management and maintenance are time consuming and inefficient. When a system malfunctions, MIS engineers have to first understand the server they are dealing with, open up the server and determine whether the problem is at hardware and software levels. ASWM eliminated all the hassle mentioned. With a few clicks on the mouse, status of the system is presented to you in seconds, even from a remote location.

    Specification summary:
    Processor: Dual Intel® Xeon with 800MHz FSB
    Chipset: Intel® 82875P, Intel® 6300ESB ICH
    Memory: Dual-Channel PC3200 ECC Unbuffered up to 4GB
    Expansion: 2 x PCI, 2 x PCI-X (one is occupied by U320 SCSI controller when choosing SCSI solution)
    Dimension: 431mm(H) x 220mm(W) x 510mm(D)
    Onboard LAN: Intel®PRO/1000 CT Network Connectiong
    HDD bays: 4 or 8 x hot-swappable SCSI HDD bays, 4 x hot-swappable sata HDD bays, 4 x internal HDD bays.
    * Optional: HDD UPGRADE KITS