Flexibilis Dual Intel® Xeon™ szerver

    Az ASUS a legstabilabb és legmegbízhatóbb dual Xeon megoldást nyújtja. Az AP1720-I5 támogat 533MHz rendszer front side buszt és dual Xeon DP 3.06Ghz CPU-t kedvező áron!

      Fully Utilize Dual Xeon CPU Computing Power with the Most Economical

      ASUS provides the most stable and reliable dual Xeon solution. AP1720-I5 support system 533MHz front side bus and dual Xeon DP 3.06Ghz CPU with affordable price!!!!

      High Performance
      Supports dual Intel® Xeon™ 3.06GHz CPUs
      Large System Memory Capacity
      Up to 4G registered ECC DDR memory
      Fastest Input /Output Capability
      1 x Gigabit LAN connection
      Flexible Application
      Standalone server or rack mount workstation
      Foot stand and roller wheels
      High Capacity
      Supports 5 x IDE/SCSI HDD, over 900GB total capacity
      Powerful Expansion
      4 x 64-bit/33MHz/3.3V PCI slots
      2 x 32-bit/33MHz/5V PCI slots
      Optional rack mount kit
      ASUS Server Management Software
      TrendMicro™ ServerProtect anti-virus software