A világ első Micro ATX szerver alaplapja, amely támogat Intel® E7221 Chipsetet, rackbe szerelhető és hagyományos szerver házba szerelhető
      Product Image
      the World's First Micro ATX Server Board
      Supporting Intel® E7221 Chipset,
      accommodates Both Rack Mount and
      Pedestal Server Chassis

      P5CR-VM, the world's first micro ATX ( 9.6" x 9.6" ) server board to incorporate the Intel® E7221 chipset, is a full-function, high-performance server board that adopted PCI Express, ECC memory support, Gigabit LAN (Local Area Network) and a host of other innovative features that leveraged the latest technology to fulfill the different needs of businesses.

      High-speed networking, security and storage

      With Gigabit LAN support, the P5CR-VM enables 1,000MBps data transfers for high-speed network connection. It also delivers excellent data protection with Serial ATA RAID, which included RAID 0 and 1 functions. Four Serial ATA ports are also available, allowing data storage scalability for future upgrade.

      Chassis flexibility

      The P5CR-VM is specially designed to accommodate both rack mount and pedestal chassis, offering unmatched flexibility for building high-quality server and workstation systems.

      Mobile Server Management

      Stability, efficiency, cost and convenience are critical in building a server system, and a reliable tool for system monitoring is essential to ensure the four criteria mentioned are indeed included. ASWM 2.0 (ASUS System Web-based Management) allows information system engineers to conveniently and remotely monitor, manage and upgrade server systems.

      Specification summary:
      Processor: Intel® Prescott LGA775 with 800MHz FSB
      Chipset: Intel® E7221, Intel® ICH6R
      Memory: DDR2 533 ECC Unbuffered up to 4GB
      Expansion: 2 x PCI, 1 x PCI-Express( x1), 1 x PCI-Express( x8)
      Board size: 9.6" x 9.6" Micro-ATX
      Onboard LAN: 2 x Broadcom E5721 Gb LAN Ethernet controller