WL-300g WLAN Access Point

    Az ASUS WL-300g a legerőteljesebb drótnélküli LAN Access point. Nem csak híd Ethernet és drótnélküli hálózat között, de router funkciókkal támogatja az IP megosztást és DHCP funkciót is.

    802.11g, 54Mbps high speed date rate.
    Two mode, WDS, POE support.

    ASUS WL-300g is the most powerful wireless lan Access point. It is not only the bridge between the Ethernet and wireless networks, but also could provide Router function to support IP share and DHCP function.

    As the perfect solution for the SOHO sector, the WL-300g supports WDS (wireless distribution system), meaning it could connect other IEEE802.11b/g access points which support WDS function also. This is very useful for SOHO to set up WLAN environment. With the power over LAN (IEEE802.3af) feature, the WL-300G can be powered through the Ethernet line, meaning there is no need for additional power lines to tangle up the networking cablin

    For superior signal reception, the WL-300g incorporated an ultra-sensitive antenna system that comes equipped with two internal dipole antennas. The WL-300g delivers smooth wireless networking whether it's indoor or outdoor. (It also includes a RF connector for optional external antennas.)

    WDS (wireless distribution system) support
    Power over LAN (IEEE 802.3af) support
    Provide both AP and Router mode.
    Support roaming to other IEEE 802.11g/IEEE 802.11b compliant adapters connected by the Ethernet to extend the network coverage
    Share broadband Internet around the home
    Multi-positioning methods to fit in different environment
    High sensitivity antenna system
    Support the external antenna
    Easy installation, management and maintenance.