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Mobile Learning

Life is at the heart of in-class instruction. With the coming of age of the wireless internet and tablets, accompanied by an ever expanding collection of digital teaching materials, value-added learning software applications are springing up everywhere and have already been implemented in various courses of study.

These days, classes can be held in any corner of the campus, and handheld tablets allow wireless access to necessary course materials stored in the cloud. Likewise, many of today’s elementary schools with outdoor classes, for example for biology lessons or field trips, provide an excellent example of how a mobile classroom can implement learning directly into life.

Campuses that have not already done so need to consider the benefits of a campus-wide wireless network. The convenience of the cloud and the portability of tablets means freedom for you and your mobile teaching materials. Once the basic hardware and software infrastructure is established, your digital content can be enriched and adjusted to enhance the way you teach, for example with online course materials, student assessments, learning tests, weekly journals and so on. The mobile classrooms of the future will have no chalk or blackboard, but will instead be replaced by an electronic schoolbag, accessible at all times in a wireless internet environment.

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