ASUS merekomendasikan Windows 10 Pro.

    VivoMini UN62

    VivoMini UN62

    Sangat ringkas. Mini PC hening dengan desain canggih dan kinerja berkelas-desktop yang impresif. Pilihan komputasi harian Anda di rumah

    • Gaya adalah segalanya - Pilih warna glossy Midnight Blue atau Pearl White elegan
    • Sangat-ringkas 0.6L mini PC berukuran 131 x 131 x 42mm
    • Fungsionalitas penuh dengan 4th Gen Intel®prosesor
    • PC yang sangat hemat-daya , dingin dan handal yang berjalan pada 26.3dB saatfull load,60% lebih hening dibandingkan standar industri
    • Konektivitas I/O yang luas, dengan output 4K/UHD untuk detail yang mengaggumkan
    • Kompatibel dengan VESA-mount jadi Anda dapat membuat kustom All-in-One (AiO) PC.
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    Powerful inside. Petite outside.

    ASUS VivoMini crams all your home computing needs in a mini PC that's only slightly bigger than your wallet. VivoMini is powered by a choice of 4th generation Intel processors, and has extensive I/O connectivity and 4K/UHD display support that's ideal for home entertainment. A perfect combination of hardware and software, VivoMini even features ASUS HomeCloud so you can stream content and control VivoMini remotely – making it an ideal home theater solution. And what's more, it's super-quiet and energy-efficient, too.

    Ultra compact

    ASUS VivoMini has a compact, lightweight design that measures just 131 x 131 x 42mm – giving it a footprint that's just slightly bigger than your wallet and freeing up precious desktop space. VivoMini is available in elegant Pearl White or glossy Midnight Blue, and with its Zen-inspired concentric circle finish, is a striking addition to any room of the house. VivoMini can be VESA-mounted on the back of a display too, so you can create your own custom All-in-One (AiO) PC for a tidy, clutter-free environment.

    * Testing configuration: UN62 | Windows 8.1 | Intel® Core™ i5-4210U Processor | DDR3L-1600 8G x 2 | mSATA 128GB SSD

    Idle Power




    Industry Avg.

    Ultra-low power consumption

    ASUS VivoMini keeps the environment in mind, and

    delivers incredible energy efficiency thanks to an ultra-low

    power design that draws as little as 6.95W at idle– as

    much as an LED light bulb. This means you can leave

    VivoMini on overnight to download software updates or

    back-up files, all without racking up electricity bills.

    ASUS VivoMini operates in remarkable silence thanks to optimized low-speed fan settings that keep noise levels down to just 18.5dB at idle, the same as the sound made by falling leaves. And it doesn't get much noisier at full load either – at just 26.3dB, that's quieter than a library and is 60% below the industry standard. The optimized fan also lowers operating temperatures, giving you silent, stable performance.

    Noise Level

    18.5 dB


    26.3 dB

    Full Load

    30 dB


    60 dB


    80 dB


    100 dB


    Idle Full Load
    ASUS VivoMini 18.5 dB
    38% Lower
    26.3 dB
    60% Lower
    Industry Avg. 30 dB 60 dB

    Impressive performance

    ASUS VivoMini features the latest 4th generation Intel® Core™ i5 or i3 processors to give you the smooth multi-tasking performance for everyday home computing tasks like online shopping, playing games, or watching movies.


    Display support

    Breathtaking levels of detail

    VivoMini also supports 4K/UHD displays to give you attractive, ultra-realistic visuals. It is ideal for a home theater set-up, allowing you to browse the web, view photos from your SD card, or watch movies in stunning clarity.

    Multi-display productivity with touch screen support

    ASUS VivoMini supports up to three independent displays through HDMI and DisplayPort++ without the need for an additional graphics card. The additional displays give you more onscreen space for multi-tasking; you can spread out your work windows, mirror content, or extend a single window across multiple displays. VivoMini also features touchscreen support for intuitive control and more engaging gameplay.

    * Support for three displays is only possible with daisy-chain connections through DisplayPort++.

    View your entire desktop across multiple displays

    View multiple output signals on three separate displays

    View the same content across multiple displays

    Extensive connectivity - including fast
    charging technology

    ASUS 4hrs

    Others 8hrs



    ASUS VivoMini features a total of four USB 3.0 ports, with the easy-access side ports charging your mobile devices in half the time. VivoMini also comes with one 4-in-1 card reader, one audio output jack, a Kensington lock, as well as HDMI and DisplayPort++.

    Fully-tested for extreme reliability, wide compatibility and assured safety

    ASUS VivoMini is subjected to a series of reliability and quality tests to ensure they meet our exacting standards. Your VivoMini is designed to cope with temperature extremes –from dry, icy subzero conditions, to hot and humid environments exceeding 60°C. And of course, they're robust enough to survive the bumps and knocks during shipping.

    Power Consumption Test

    Port Test

    Noise Test

    Temperature and Humidity Test

    Line Voltage and Frequency Test

    Drop Test

    ASUS Desktops – most recommended Windows desktop brand

    Innovation, design and reliability are at the heart of all ASUS computers. Winning Readers' Choice for overall satisfaction for the second year in a row, and for the third successive year in the home category, is proof that ASUS is better at delivering what customers want than rival Windows desktop PC companies. As says: "If you want a Windows desktop PC, ASUS is the best choice".

    * Reprinted from with permission. © 2014 Ziff Davis, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    Made with the world's most popular and most award-winning motherboards

    With over 500 million motherboards shipped in the past 25 years, ASUS VivoMini features the finest motherboards available, and has been developed with the expertise of our exceptional R&D and manufacturing teams.