ASUS ZenPower Pro

    Model Number : N50 >
    • Battery Type
      Cylindrical rechargeable lithium ion
    • Input Power
      5.0 V/2.0A(Max)
    • Output Power
      Port 1: DC 5.1V/2.4A(Max)or 9.1 V2.0A or 12.1V/1.5A
      Port 2 : DC 5.1V/2.4A(Max)
    • Capacities
    • Rating Capacities
      5.1V/6400mAh/32.6Wh or 9.1V/3400mAh/30.9Wh or 12.1V/2400mAh/29.0Wh
    • Charging Time
      < 6hr (5V/2A), < 9hr (5V/1A) standard cable
    • Dimensi
      100 x 59.6 x 22 mm (WxDxH)
    • Features
      Load Detection: Auto-detect the plug-in and plug-out of devices*
    • Keamanan
      1.Temperature Protection
      2.Short Circuit Protection
      3.Reset Protection
      4.Input Over Voltage Protection
      5.Output Over Voltage Protection
      6.Input Reverse Direction Protection
      7.Over Charge/Over Discharge Protection
      8.Output Over Current Protection
      9.Cell PTC Protection
      10.Adapter Protection
      11.JEITA Protection
    • Temperature
    • Berat
      230 g
    • Pilihan Warna
      Black, Gray, Pink
    • Catatan
      * Jika beberapa perangkat tidak otomatis terdeteksi, silahkan tekan tombol power.